Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution
A Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION
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Statement from Carl Dix:
Black Man Murdered by Cops! Again!! This Must Stop!!!

August 11, 2014

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Revolution interview with Collette Flanagan: Building for the Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration in Dallas: Not very "Southern and Polite" 

August 10, 2014

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Dante Pomar

by Hector and Gloria, parents

August 8, 2014

Ten years has passed since Dante Pomar was murdered on 7/29/04 by the NYPD, and, now, there is yet other brutal killing of Eric Garner by the same law enforcement. What is striking about these tragic deaths is that they have strong similarities. Both are killed for no apparent reason. Both are constantly harassed before violently killed.

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Reports on Building the Movement for Revolution

Taking Revolution to the Island! Summer 2014 Martha’s Vineyard

August 8, 2014

We Call Bullshit

October 7, 2012. This sharp polemic, by two young revolutionaries, is very important as people take out word about the film of BA's new talk.
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Your financial support is urgently needed to fill increasing requests to send Revolution newspaper, BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, and other literature to prisoners in 43 states across the U.S.

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Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution is a key part of our strategic approach, which provides a way for the Party to unite with and give leadership to people to change themselves as they take part in the struggle to change the lift their heads and broaden their vision, to recognize what kind of world is possible, what their real interests are, and who their real friends and real enemies are, as they rise up against this take up a revolutionary viewpoint and revolutionary values and morals as they join with others to resist this system’s crimes and build up the basis for the ultimate all-out revolutionary struggle to sweep this system away and bring in a whole new way of organizing society, a whole new way of become emancipators of humanity.

from "A Statement from the
Revolutionary Communist Party:

from the talks and writings
of Bob Avakian

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End Pornography and Patriarchy: the Enslavement and Degradation of Women!

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: GROUND ZERO TEXAS

A fight to turn the tide in the all-out assault on women's right to abortion and birth control

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Stop Mass Incarceration!
Mass Incarceration + Silence = Genocide

New York City, June 22—People from three neighborhoods in west Harlem that were assaulted by a massive, military-style police raid earlier this month marched in a show of unity and a call for unity among the people in fighting against these attacks. Photo: Special to Revolution

JOIN US--12 Things You Can Do Now

At every point, we must be searching out the key concentrations of social contradictions and the methods and forms which can strengthen the political consciousness of the masses, as well as their fighting capacity and organization in carrying out political resistance against the crimes of this system; which can increasingly bring the necessity, and the possibility, of a radically different world to life for growing numbers of people; and which can strengthen the understanding and determination of the advanced, revolutionary-minded masses in particular to take up our strategic objectives not merely as far-off and essentially abstract goals (or ideals) but as things to be actively striven for and built toward.

The objective and orientation must be to carry out work which, together with the development of the objective situation, can transform the political terrain, so that the legitimacy of the established order, and the right and ability of the ruling class to rule, is called into question, in an acute and active sense, throughout society; so that resistance to this system becomes increasingly broad, deep and determined; so that the "pole" and the organized vanguard force of revolutionary communism is greatly strengthened; and so that, at the decisive time, this advanced force is able to lead the struggle of millions, and tens of millions, to make revolution.