REVOLUTION Newspaper #483, March 22, 2017

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A Teach-In

What is fascism . . . What it means for humanity that the Trump/Pence Regime is fascist And, Why It Must Be Driven Out.

A talk by Andy Zee

Advisory Board of

New, high-quality video.

The Middlebury Controversy: Points of Orientation

March 20, 2017

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Middlebury College students turn their backs on Charles Murray during his lecture in Middlebury, Vermont, March 2.

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If you want to get a deep societal analysis of the horror we face and the possibility of a whole different way, you need to get into Bob Avakian...

Science and Revolution

On the Importance of Science and the Application of Science to Society, the New Synthesis of Communism, and the Leadership of Bob Avakian

An Interview with Ardea Skybreak

Available for download as PDF


Excerpt from the Interview: A Communist Statesman, Modeling Communist Leadership



March-September 2005. Excerpts drawn from conversations and discussions, as well as more formal talks. Also available as a pamphlet (RCP Publications, 2005)

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The Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America—A Visionary and Concrete Application of the New Synthesis

A Radical Step Into the Future

Authored by Bob Avakian, and adopted by the Central Committee of the RCP

I Want to Be Part of the Movement for Revolution—What Do I Do?

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Updated pre-publication PDF of this major work—now including the appendices—available here.

Excerpt from THE NEW COMMUNISM, by Bob Avakian, from the section titled "IV. The Leadership We Need."

Working Back from “On the Possibility”— Another Application of “Solid Core with a Lot of Elasticity on the Basis of the Solid Core”

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Science and Revolution, On the Importance of Science and the Application of Science to Society, the New Synthesis of Communism, and the Leadership of Bob Avakian

An Interview with Ardea Skybreak

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Introducing a Transformed A World to Win News Service (AWTWNS)


Introducing a Transformed AWTWNS

March 20, 2017

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Exhibition review:
Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932

March 20, 2017

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France: Putting the interests of humanity first

March 20, 2017

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India: Outrageous Life Sentence Against Revolutionary GN Saibaba

March 20, 2017

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The world’s peoples need to rise against the global threat of a fascist America

March 20, 2017

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Sparks of Outrage and Protest Against the Fascist Trump/Pence Regime

Updated March 20, 2017

NEW: Uproar and Threats in Phoenix Over Anti-Trump Billboard

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40 Guatemalan Girls Burned to Death in Government-Run Shelter

March 13, 2017

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Funeral of one of the 40 girls burned to death. Photo: AP

This column is dedicated to particularly shameful people, those that have reputations of standing up for a cause, and are now trading on that to offer legitimacy and normality to fascism.

NEW: Jamiel Shaw

Updated March 13, 2017

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Voices of Conscience and Resistance in the time of Trump/Pence

Updated March 17, 2017


*Shaun King: “No President who ever owned human beings should be honored”

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Contribute to get THE NEW COMMUNISM Everywhere, Including Into the Hands of Those Catching the Most Hell

From a former prisoner who is now an emancipator of humanity

November 28, 2016

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Updated pre-publication PDF of this major work—now including the appendices—available here.



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Of Continuing Interest

Bob Avakian on the pivotal role of the Black national question, the pivotal relation between national liberation and proletarian revolution, in the U.S.:

» Communism and Jeffersonian Democracy

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» "The Oppression of Black People & the Revolutionary Struggle to End All Oppression" 

April 25, 2016

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On "Principled Compromises," and Other Crimes Against Humanity

November 12, 2015

By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

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The Strategic Approach to Revolution and Its Relation to Basic Questions of Epistemology and Method

By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

August 4, 2014

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The "Obama Legacy"


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“Putting Forward Our Line—In a Bold, Moving, Compelling Way,” by Bob Avakian

Published in two parts in Revolutionary Worker:

» Part 1, #1177, December 1, 2002

» Part 2, #1178, December 8, 2002

Important Publications and Media


CONSTITUTION For The New Socialist Republic in North America
Authored by Bob Avakian, and adopted by the Central Committee of the RCP

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PO Box 3486, Merchandise Mart
Chicago, IL  60654


REVOLUTION AND RELIGION: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion

A Dialogue between CORNEL WEST & BOB AVAKIAN

A film of the Nov. 2014 Dialogue on a question of great importance in today's world between the Revolutionary Christian Dr. Cornel West and the Revolutionary Communist Leader Bob Avakian

Watch the film now

Break All the Chains


Break ALL the Chains! Bob Avakian on the Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution

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Birds Cannot Give Birth to Crocodiles, But Humanity Can Soar Beyond the Horizon

by Bob Avakian

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$9.99 retail
Publisher: Insight Press

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Constitution, Law and Rights


Constitution, Law, and Rights—in capitalist society and in the future socialist society.

Selections from the writings of Bob Avakian and excerpts from the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America

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A Journal of Communist Theory and Polemic

"Ajith—A Portrait of the Residue of the Past"

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WWW.REVCOM.US/REVOLUTION NEWSPAPER brings alive a scientific analysis of major events in society and the world—why they are happening, how different events and developments relate to each other, how all this relates to the system we live under, where people's interests lie in relation to all this, how revolution is in fact the solution to all this and what the goals of that revolution are, how different viewpoints and programs relate, positively or negatively, to the revolution that is needed, and how people can move, and are moving, to build toward that revolution. is the guide, the pivot, the crucial tool in drawing forward, orienting, training, and organizing thousands, and influencing millions—fighting the power, and transforming the people, for revolution—hastening and preparing for the time when we can go for the whole thing, with a real chance to win.

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A Statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party: ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION

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BA on Internationalism and Bringing Forward Another Way

Demand the NYPD stop the surveillance and political suppression of Revolution Club and Refuse Fascism activists!

Demand the DA drop these outrageous charges immediately

March 21, 2017

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Of Primeval Steps and Future Leaps: An Essay on the Emergence of Human Beings, the Source of Women's Oppression, and the Road to Emancipation

by Ardea Skybreak

Available at Revolution Books and online book sellers

Women's History Month at Revolution Books New York—The Emancipation of Women and the Fight for the Future... And the Need to Drive Out the Trump-Pence Fascist Regime Now

Special Events for Women's History Month and Other Programs

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Notices to our Readers

New "Authored by" Stickers for the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America

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In the face of the Trump/Pence regime’s fascist attacks on science and critical thinking, there is a lot of outrage and ferment among scientists and in the scientific community. If you’re a follower of, we encourage you to get out to universities, science labs, scientific conferences, and elsewhere to get the book Science and Revolution, an interview with Ardea Skybreak, into the hands of scientists and professors and students in the sciences.

To readers: Now is a crucial time to join in the protests and other events where masses of people all over are acting against the fascist outrages by the Trump/Pence Regime—especially get out to the campuses! Take with you palm cards with the slogan “NO! In the Name of Humanity, We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America” and with the quotes from Bob Avakian (BA) on truth and the approach to understanding reality (epistemology).

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A Basic Point of Orientation

Originally posted July 15, 2016
Reposted given continuing relevance

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Frequently Asked Questions on Revolution and Communism

Updated November 30, 2016

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» Confront the Actual History of the USA
Contribute to the "American Crime" Series

Updated August 25, 2016

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» What it means to be a volunteer for

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