Back to School…Welcome to the Revolution!

Revolution #012, August 21, 2005, posted at

Important "back-to- school" message to all students, teachers, campus workers and revolutionary activists:


Our next issue of REVOLUTION will be a special issue.

Our goal: Build a communist movement on the campuses and, with that at the core, a huge network of students who can know the world and act together to change it. At a time when young Republi-fascists are running amok on campus, put the most radical paper in the country at the heart of the debate.

Our plan: start by distributing 100,000 copies of this special issue of REVOLUTION, from community colleges to elite universities and everywhere in between. Win over new distributors, correspondents, subscribers and sustainers. Develop the network. Make the paper a lifeline of revolutionary thinking and revolutionary political action for thousands of students.

The special issue will introduce students and teachers to the body of work of Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and will also spread the word on the November 2 mobilization to Drive Out the Bush Regime!

To make this great and crucial beginning, we need the support of you, our readers.

What You Can Do:

One, hook up with a distribution team in your area, or get a whole bunch of papers and get them out to every campus you know. Order your bundles now by calling or writing RCP Publications Public Relations at:
P.O. Box 3486
Merchandise Mart
Chicago, IL 60654, 773-227-4066

Two, donate money to help this effort, which includes printing and shipping 100,000 copies.

If you are a student, get Revolution out on your campus. If you are a teacher or professor, buy enough for your whole class.

Spread REVOLUTION to campus, and spread the revolution.