Travis Morales on the Minutemen and November 2

Revolution #019, October 23, 2005, posted at

On Friday, October 14, Travis Morales, from the Revolutionary Communist Party - San Francisco Bay Area Branch, appeared on the show "Un Nuevo Dia" hosted by Javier Salas on the Chicago Univision radio affiliate "La Tremenda," 1200 AM. Travis and Javier discussed how to respond to the Minutemen, racists who attack immigrants in the Southwest, and the increasingly repressive situation. The Minutemen held a convention in Chicago on October 15, and were met by 300 protesters.

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From the conversation:

Javier: They say [racism, and killing Blacks and immigrants] is something in the past now, but nevertheless we see the beating that white policeman gave an African-American in New Orleans recently. This is coming out on TV. So, this isn’t something in the past then.

Travis: What does it mean when the governor of California, the biggest state in the U.S, invites racists to patrol its borders? Or when President Bush says, as he did two days ago, that Harriet Miers must be confirmed to the Supreme Court because she’s an evangelical. She’s a religious fanatic. What’s happening in this country? Or when the government is jailing immigrants without charges, without letting them talk to a lawyer, or to see their families. Those are the kinds of things that are going on. Or look at how the government tortures prisoners of war and detainees and then defends it. So that’s why we’re saying to the world, loud and clear: "The World Can’t Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!" And that’s why we’re mobilizing for November 2 to launch a movement that can drive this regime out.