Speaking Out on Why “The World Can't Wait”

Revolution #020, October 30, 2005, posted at revcom.us

The following are quick bites from worldcantwait.org with different perspectives on why the Bush Regime must be driven out. Read these statements (and more) at worldcantwait.org, and listen to an audio statement by historian Howard Zinn [link from web version].

 Fr. Aaron Archer, Rector, St John the Baptist, R.O., Spring Valley, NY; Fr. Luis Barrios, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Harlem; Fr. Earl Kooperkamp, Pastor, St. Mary's Epsicopal Church, Harlem; Reverend George W. Webber, President Emeritus, New York Theological Seminary:

...We all know the litany of abuses that call out to the heavens demanding our action: Immoral and illegal warfare based on lies, the justification of torture in the name of state security, the campaign of detentions of our immigrant sisters and brothers, the demonization of gays and lesbians, the racism, the intensified oppression and repression of poor people, and more... and the religious rhetoric employed to justify these deeds. ...

Juan Torres - Gold Star Family Member:

...I come from Argentina. It was a country without justice, everything covered up. Now the civilians control, the civilians pushed out the government. In this country, it is the opposite. They are too much interested in staying inside the house. They need to put the head out and see what really happens in America. I am the father of a solider who died in this war (Afghanistan). I know how I and my family feel. We die forever. My son give me my new mission - stop the war, stop the lying, stop the recruiting liars to the 16-year-olds. I don't want to see no more Gold Star Families.

Tomás Olmos, Dean Emeritus, People’s College of Law*; President, Mexican American Bar Foundation, Los Angeles County*; and partner in the law firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg*, representing employees in discrimination & wrongful termination claims. (*affiliation for identification purposes only):

...I believe that we are living in a very dangerous time in which the very future of our society is in the balance. Over the past five years, we have experienced major changes in national and international politics with frightening consequences. Most of these changes are the direct outgrowth of policies implemented by the Bush Administration. Bush continues to govern as if he is unaccountable to the electorate or to the guiding principles of our Constitution. Each day, Bush becomes bolder and more brazen in his acts...

A Call to Democrats, Independents & Non-Voters --Janet, Connecticut:

...Leave your groups behind. They no longer serve you. They serve the needs of so-called "viable" candidates who, in the end, do not stand for peace, freedom or equality. With fraudulent elections, your vote means nothing anyway. Join us, and your friends will follow. The world can't wait.

A call to my fellow conservative businessmen - Taking stock: a review of america - live free or die! Marc L. Terbeek:

... An unaccountable regime that has come to power and held on to power through racially based voter disenfranchisement, politically based voting irregularities and just plain fraud that had denied the vote to millions. A corrupt regime that doles out billions of dollars to its hand-picked corporate benefactors via no-bid contracts that shortchange our citizens at home and our troops abroad. A crony regime that plants sycophants in the most sensitive positions of our government -- some of which are lifetime appointments with power over our most cherished liberties ...

Stephen Rohde, civil liberties lawyer and peace and justice activist:

...We see the gruesome evidence of the terrible toll that George Bush's war against Iraq is taking back at home. The funds that should have gone (and should now be going) to flood control, to rebuilding the levees, to disaster relief, to helicopters, to National Guardsmen, to water and food and shelter, has instead gone (and continues to go) to support Bush's illegal war against Iraq. To fuel this illegal war, Bush has drained the resources of America. He has stolen the lives of almost 2,000 young men and women serving in the U.S. military, hundreds more from other countries and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives. He has caused permanent injuries to countless soldiers and civilians. He has laid waste to the infrastructure of Iraq.


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