CIA Secret Prisons In Eastern Europe...
And a Modest Proposal

Revolution #022, November 13, 2005, posted at

The U.S. has apparently taken over a Polish political prison to torture secretly detained suspects in the "war on terror." While they're in Poland, they might find even larger facilities nearby.

Quite a bit still remains of the old Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp. The CIA can close the gates to the public, ban the Red Cross, and prohibit access by lawyers and reporters. The White House can "refuse to confirm or deny" that they've taken over Hitler's notorious death camp.

Legal documents can be prepared by the Attorney General to exempt administration officials and collaborating doctors from war crimes prosecution, arguing that old verdicts on Nazi concentration camps are "quaint" in light of the danger posed by terrorists. Secret courts without appeal processes can OK indefinite, secret detention of suspects on the President's say-so. If a division of Halliburton provides prisoner meals, those meals can be displayed by congressmen as the official rebuttal to accusations of human rights abuses. And the training of "interrogators" can be subcontracted by the CIA to convicted sadistic psychopathic mass murderers.

To update the image of Auschwitz, the banner over the entrance can be changed from "Freedom Through Work," to "Keeping America Safe from Terrorists."

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