RCP Statement on Nov. 2

Revolution #022, November 13, 2005, posted at revcom.us

This is the text of the statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party which was read at some of the Nov. 2 rallies.

We want to salute the people who have come out today dead set and determined to drive the Bush Regime from power! You represent not just yourselves, but the hopes of many millions more here and around the world.

Others today have already spoken eloquently on the many great evils already unleashed on the world by the Bush regime. But listen up – the machinery for much greater evil is being locked into place as we speak. The Bush regime is in a headlong rush toward a new dark ages, toward what can only be called Christian fascism. As our paper Revolution so aptly puts it, "Conservative my ass, these people are Nazis!!!!"

And who can we rely on to stop this madness? Most of the top Democratic Party leaders agree with Bush on the war and the Patriot Act. And they refuse to put up any real fight even on the things that they claim to oppose. So WE have to stop it – WE in our millions must and can take responsibility to change the whole direction of society.

WE have to fight for a very different future. WE have to challenge those things that we know to be wrong, and we have to challenge people who go along with this madness. We have to go up against the ways they try to numb and condition us to all kinds of atrocities and abominations and get us to accept the unacceptable.

But most of all, we have to come together as a force that not only repudiates this whole agenda, that not only says "no more," but that actually FORCES THIS REGIME FROM POWER. Nothing less than that – nothing less. And just think for a minute what that would mean in terms of all the abuses that have been so powerfully exposed today.

And think what it would mean for coming together to build a just society. As we join together to drive out Bush, we all need to talk about our different ideas about what that means. Our Party stands for revolution – a revolution to end a setup where the wealth created by the people of the whole world is controlled by a relative handful of imperialists, where the fate of the people and the planet itself is subordinated to the relentless drive for profit, and where the machinery of state is used to enforce that order. And we stand for a revolution where the people themselves bring into being and create a NEW society and a NEW state which would put the interests of the vast majority of people at the foundation of everything it stands for and everything it does. We have the understanding, we have the strategy and we have the leadership – our Chairman, Bob Avakian – to get there, and we invite everyone here to engage with us on this.

But right now our common objective is this: to DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME. Right now we have to step into these streets and powerfully join our voices together – calling out to others, making it clear that something new, very diverse and very united, and fiercely determined is being born here today. Today we join together in truly making this day the beginning of the end of this justly hated Regime.

The future is unwritten. WHICH ONE WE GET IS UP TO US.

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