Speeches at National Organizers Conference:

Perspectives on The World Can't Wait

Revolution #026, December 12, 2005, posted at revcom.us

At the Nov. 19-20 national organizers conference of The World Can't Wait in New York City, participants in a panel discussion spoke to these questions:

  • "1. From your perspective, why is it essential and urgent to drive out the Bush regime? What led to your decision to help lead this effort? What do you say in arguing to others that they should join us?
  • 2. Drawing from historical or international examples, what lessons do you think we need to bring to bear in our effort to drive out this regime? What is your vision of what it will take, how it will look, when the Bush regime is forced out?
  • 3. What is your vision of what the Bush regime should be replaced with?"

The following are excerpts from three of the speeches at the panel discussion. The text of the fourth speech, by Karen Bradley of Democracy Cell Project, was not available as we went to press. (Full texts are online at worldcantwait.org)

Jim Oberg, retired 65-year-old engineer, World Can't Wait, Portland, Oregon

I like the statement by Thomas Jefferson that we likely would need a revolution in America every generation or so to renew our experiment of a government constituted by the people and implemented by citizen representatives for our common benefit. And we can look back in our history and see some of those previous revolutions, when we abolished slavery and fought for civil rights and women’s rights. There comes a time where only people power can bring about the changes needed, or can even topple a despotic unaccountable regime, and it is clear to me that we are there now in America.I was living in Asia when people power toppled the Marcos regime, and I saw that possibility actually happen.It is possible!I know it is.

It will take a huge breakthrough in our imagination in America to make this happen here, as most of us are still in denial about how serious the threat is to our entire future. We must literally decolonize our revolutionary imagination, as I read in a recent essay on the challenge we face ahead in getting past our reluctance to face reality now. We who seek to extend this movement will have to use all our powers of persuasion to get our friends and neighbors to join us, to recognize the potential we represent with this movement for a chance at a survivable future. We will literally have to get millions onto the street soon to add to the growing pressure on this criminal regime from the many directions gathering strength, and we must do it before they take some extreme action that would lead to their suppression of all dissent in America.

As to what comes next, if our movement is recognized as having played an important part in their demise, then we also must be prepared to play an important part in determining the priorities of whatever succeeds this regime. Likely that would initially be some transitional succession, but whoever they are, they would then be clear that the priorities must radically change for how our government serves us. We must be ready to say clearly what we see the really important issues to be, and willing to assert our then powerful influence to assure this be heard.

Sunsara Taylor, Revolution newspaper

The WCW Call says "that there is not going to be some magical ‘pendulum swing.’ " Bob Avakian recently wrote: "Part of the dynamic at play . . . is the fact that the center and the ‘arc’ of the pendulum continues to be moved further and further to the right." Witness: Senator Chuck Schumer on why the Democrats are running a right to life candidate for Senator in Pennsylvania: "We can’t afford to play games anymore . . . the day is over when a candidate has to check 27 boxes before we support him." And, John Kerry said: "pro-life Democrats should be embraced." And, Hillary: "abortion represents a sad, even tragic choice for women."

And, let’s be honest, 400 cities passed resolutions against the Patriot Act. And, most Democrats just voted with the Republicans to extend it and to make it even worse that it was.

There is not going to be a savior from the Democratic Party.

Look, this regime must go; its program stopped. But, the underlying causes are deep and systemic. I hope that as we work and struggle together, and as we approach a situation where this hated regime is on the run, that people in this movement will not want any government that would do any of the things that are concentrated in the "your governments."

And more, that many will look deep into the heart of this system, come to understand it, and see that we need a revolution to end a setup where the wealth created by the people of the whole world is controlled by a handful of imperialists, where the fate of the people and planet is subordinated to the relentless drive for profit, and where the machinery of the state, its armies, courts and police are used to enforce that order.

What do I want to see come out of this whole process? I would like to see a situation emerge where a revolutionary people can develop, where millions of people see the possibility of a whole new way society could be organized, and are willing to fight for it, and where a situation develops where it is actually possible to launch a revolution that has a shot at succeeding. Will such a situation develop out of this mix? It is a possibility and this would be a future worth struggling for.

Pat, WCW student organizer in Connecticut

The people of America are not lost--but we must present them with the necessary information to make the correct choice. We have been brainwashed into thinking that life cannot get any better than this--that there is no better system of government, and that there is no better way of living. But there is still hope for the people; especially the young people of this nation, to rise above the cesspool of violence, ignorance, lies, and oppression we have been raised in.

People of all ages are looking for a vehicle to express their rage. People are looking for leadership, but it is not leadership we need. What we need is to direct people to the power instilled within their hearts and minds. That we need to create a society where all will partake in the decision making process. Where the voice of every person in this nation can be heard, and that never again will a single voice be drowned out by hatred, bigotry, or violence. We have entrusted our fate in the hands of leaders for far too long--it is time for everyone to become a leader, for every single person to take control over their own lives, and for the individual to become part of the collective. Let the Bush regime know that we will never kneel before their law. That we will never bow down. This is urgent--too many lives have been lost already, and thousands more hang in the balance. Our civil rights hang in the balance… our future hangs in the balance.

This system of American injustice must be stopped! George W. Bush--we are the people of the United States--and we are your worst enemy. We will take back what you stole!

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