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Letters to the Editor:

Recently Revolution began encouraging reader comments with "Comment on this article" links on every page in our web site. Readers can also send comments P.O. Box 3486, Chicago, IL, 60654-0486. Revolution cannot publish or respond directly to all correspondence, but will read your comments with great interest. We reserve the right to reprint submitted comments. Readers submitting comments range from inner city middle-schoolers to academics, from revolutionaries to people with strong disagreements with what they read. Below are a few comments submitted by website readers:

U.S. at War: A History of Shame--The Vietnam War: Destroying the Village in Order to Save It

I couldn't agree with this article more (U.S. at War: A History of Shame--The Vietnam War: Destroying the Village in Order to Save It," Revolution #27), but it's going to make my job as a distributor difficult because "support the troops, bring them home" is something a lot of people around here fall into, that is, the few who oppose the war. This whole mythology has been created about how our country "turned on the soldiers" and "those evil hippies"...I can recall a personal experience at my high school, just before the war got started, I challenged some kid who was going to join the army. A friend of mine made the comment, "you might have to kill children", anyhow, I had teachers screaming at me for "not supporting the troops", when I hadn't even done anything but oppose the war, and this army kid had told me to "go fuck myself", "eat shit", and "die, you communist faggot". The next day I got called down to the office and told off by the principal...

But have no fear, I fully intend to bring this issue of the paper to my home town, and make sure it is heard. People forget all the horrendous things our government did in Vietnam, all they can remember was "we turned on our soldiers"...People need to know the truth about what happened in Vietnam. GREAT ARTICLE!


Great article! ["The Vietnam War: Destroying the Village in Order to Save It"] It's very sad that many American are still ignorant of the truth exposed in this article.


On the Execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams

Watching the news count down to tookie's execution is sickening. the man clearly broke with his path as founder of the Crips and has become a force for good in society. However, the power establishment is going ahead in killing this guy to show "they're tough on crime" and other BS, namely to intimidate young people and domesticate their aspirations. Actually, the practice of "execution" is a continuation of the old old religious concept of human sacrifice. The theologian and the executioner have been intimates throughout history, and the modern system of execution is no exception. I haven't the words for the sorrow at the loss of this extraordinairy voice who has saved young peoples' lives all over the place. Basta Ya! Enough!


Oh my god, I am here in Australia, and have been following Stanley's case. I can not believe that Gov Schwartzenegger didn't grant clemency. I thought he was a kind forgiving family man that had a heart, but it turns out, all he cares about is the politics in it all, and whats best for his god dam career. I am sickened by his lack of thought. The hell to you Schwartzenegger. Stanley my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones, and thankyou for all the work you have done for the young troubled youth of today, The work you have done is more than any government or politician has ever done for our youth. God bless.




I read the article ("Statement from Joe Veale, for the Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour on the Execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams") in my Government Class. I got negative reactions. Especially the part about how "they have no other options but crime." A lot of kids didn't get that. Most kids opposed his execution, but they said the statement was too far out. People have been so programmed to believe that if people are poor it is their own fault. We need to seriously expose this.

On the Murder of Rigoberto Alpizar

I wholeheartedly agree that the murder of Rigoberto Alpizar [Rigoberto Alpizar: Murdered by Homeland Security] was coldblooded murder. I happen to be another person on medication due to chemical imbalances of the brain. The useof firepower on the loading ramp or on the plane is inexcusable. I'll differ from those who say no force is an option, but if the Air Marshals really "care" about protecting passengers, they should be carrying tasers for incidents like this. Two reasons: I'm against
feds carrying firepower, and two, if this happened in a plane and they missed, they could
blow a hole in the plane, producing rapid decompression, which could destroy the plane. As for Mr. Alpizar, he freaked out off his meds and the insane power structure guns him down. Only in America!

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