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Revolution #28, December 26, 2005, posted at

The U.S. government has over two million people in prison, the majority of them young, Black, and Latino.

On the outside--mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters face the heartache of a loved one locked away. Millions of families are deeply and directly effected by the cruel way this system offers no future to the youth, then warehouses them in high-tech dungeons.

The overwhelming majority of prisoners are from the bottom of society--those who have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a proletarian revolution in this country. The system looks at this section of society as dangerous and worthless. But the proletariat sees these brothers and sisters as a potential spark and strength for the revolution.

Already, thousands of prisoners have found a way to to connect with, engage in and contribute to the struggle for revolution. And in the process they are changing themselves and drawing other prisoners, and family and friends on the outside, into the debate and fight to change the world.

Thousands of prisoners read Revolution. Hundreds of them have subscribed to it -- despite the authorities targeting and harassing many of them, and in some cases, putting them in isolation. Revolution readers in prison form study circles of discussion and controversy. When such groups are broken up by the authorities, they find ways to regroup. When Revolution readers get transferred to another prison, their subscription and revolutionary activity goes with them. Many are dreaming of the day when they will get out, so they can hook up with others and join the struggle for revolution on the outside.

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF) receives about 20 letters and requests for subscriptions every week. Each prisoner subscription costs $20 per year and all of them need to be filled, and urgently.

PRLF also needs funds to fill prisoners requests for Bob Avakians works and other Marxist-Leninist-Maoist literature. In order to fullfill all the requests for subscriptions and literature we need tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Finally, PRLF needs money to help wage the battle against censorship. Prison authorities in some states, violating the systems own laws and court rulings, have been censoring entire issues of Revolution, one after the next. This censorship aims to sever the vital link between the prisoners and the vanguard party.

Donate now. Donate regularly. Help shine the light of revolution behind the prison walls.


People need to stop teaching about ghosts

I would like to thank you for sending me so much useful information about the problems in the world. I especially be liking your articles on God. People do really need to stop teaching about ghosts. It's sad that so many people still falls for those money scams. I was glad to start reading your papers that made me sit down and think truly about God in the world. And now I know that I was a fool to have ever let those Christians trick me like that.

So I do everything that I can to teach the people about these scams. Then I let so many people read your paper. You know we are in a prison system who make more money off us than any system in the world. But they don't let us make any money to help ourselves or our family. So it's hard to get other inmates to order your paper. Every money they get have to be spent to get the things that we need to survive up in here. Then they work me seven days a week. And don't even give me a sandwich. It's hard! Then they don't want to let nobody out of prison. They say that they do, but those are the people who was going home in months anyway. It's all a trick. I got a life sentence, with a ten years parole date and they are twenty-two months behind, for a robbery that they don't even know if it took place or not. With no evidence. The police who testified against me got sent to prison for twenty something charges (that I was filing on beforehand) and they still don't want to let me go or just give me another trial.

Thank you,


Lively debates and raising consciousness

In Solidarity,

Previously I was on your mailing list in early 2005. I have since been transferred to my present location. Although I do not have a subscription I am writing to ask if it would be possible to receive the RCP papers again. Before when I used to receive them, Bob Avakian's in-depth analysis and the reports from A World to Win sparked lively debates around current issues which were previously strongly censored by the mainstream press. I hope that I can again utilize the RCP papers to raise conscious levels and have meaningful discussions. I just hope that I can receive the RCP papers again. I am indigent or I would pay the $18 for a year subscription.

Yours in struggle,


You walk the walk

In struggle, your 'rade,

Just had you all on my mind to stop in to say a few (more) things. Firstly, you do definitely deserve the role of vanguard party. I never really battled that logic, you definitely do walk the walk. No, for me, my hesitation more revolved around my personal sentiment that I would love to see a communist voice of the Afrikan diaspora. I won't go into all that, but that had a lot to do with it.

What resolved this contradiction for me is the international aspect of revolution. In other words, who needs revolution the most? We all need revolution "the most." And too, it can't be Afrikans first, not even oppressed Afrikans first. In building ties, solid core, united front, etc. it must be revolutionaries first, conscious communists first. In actual revolution it must be when and wherever we seize an opportunity. Communist really must get in where they fit in -- even though even with that there's still a back and forth. Sometimes we must fit in where we get in.

Nonetheless I must admit the RCP played a major role in helping me bring myself to the next level.

After reading Sunsara's article, "Strange Encounters," [] I really had to own my shit. I can't be guided by the revolutionary ideal but instead must always uphold the revolutionary idea. "The final aim must guide all our work." It should have said, the final aim must guide all our work... period.

I couldn't see myself nowhere save for next to Sunsara, the RCYB, the RCP. It's not about nothing else. It's about revolution.

Had to say that. I couldn't have gotten this far alone. I couldn't had grown so much without the RCP. I will need a lot more hands-on help. I don't mean to be so needy. I know you all have a big enough plate and you've already done so much for me, but I really do need your help.

I am now dealing with other people's hearts and minds and I wouldn't accept failing them... I will need some books. We can send stamps and I would need you to critique some of our essays. I really could use some real back and forth, we could.

Well let me tilt the red rose, for now, as always stay 10 toes down and keep it dialectic.

In struggle, your 'rade,


Surprised with such truth

The following letter was received in Spanish and translated by Revolution:


I'm a POW from the cause. I'm housed in XXX and "I'm a lifer..." A fellow comrade introduced me to one of your newspapers and I was surprised with such truth and it was so well written that I read it a few times over. I've always been a socialist, a communist sympathizer, from an early age. Before I knew what it meant.

Well I'm going to get to the point. I don't like to waste anybody's time. How can I get a hold of some of your wonderful publications and others like yours? But for somebody like me, who's short on ends? Do you help comrades with free RCP newspapers? And if so, I would very much like to get on board!

Thank you for your time.

Que Viva RCP!!

Hope for the future

The following was sent to Revolution in response to the call for donations for PRLF:

I am the mother of a man who is receiving your publication via these donations. I just wanted to say thank you for offering this opportunity to him. Your publication has given him the desire to make changes in the world when he is finally released and has given him hope for the future. I am extremely low income myself and unable to contribute. But I wanted to say thank you to all of you at RCP for your continued support of my son.

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