Debra Sweet, WCW National Coordinator: Get Organized for the State of the Union & Raise Money for World Can't Wait

Revolution #28, December 26, 2005, posted at

With the State of the Union speech about six weeks away, Revolution talked with Debra Sweet, national coordinator of The World Can't Wait, about what people need to be doing over the next few weeks to advance the movement to drive the Bush regime out.


We don't yet know the exact date for the State of the Union, but it could be as early as Tuesday, January 24. We're applying for rally permits in Washington DC for any possible date the State of the Union could happen, and we strongly encourage people across the country to do the same. The Atlanta World Can't Wait Committee is gathering at the CNN center, and in New York people will go to Times Square for the "drown out."

The following Saturday, we'll be outside the White House demanding that Bush Step Down. Over this holiday period, bus tickets can be sold so that people commit to getting to DC. Find out how much a bus charter to DC costs, print up tickets, collect the funds, and fill in the date later. People from the western part of the country are investigating airline charters.

Speakers and organizations should be lined up now to endorse these events, to pass resolutions calling for Bush to Step Down, and organize their members to come. Everyone who participated in November 2 should know about these plans and help get the word out. We have new posters, flyers, stickers about the State of the Union, and copies of the New York Times ad available online at

Lots of people go to the movies over the holidays--take the World Can't Wait flyer to movie showings, send the flyers down the rows. and afterward get people to contribute money.

We're not going to force this president out on the cheap, and we intend to raise millions of dollars. Our organizers have had really great experience canvassing door-to-door to raise money. One canvasser in the Northwest who has done canvassing for a living said this was the first time ever he had been invited into people's homes so readily. We have a fund pitch script and other materials available, and I encourage everybody to look at the FAQ's at for help with how to turn people's outrage at Bush's program into financial support for this movement.

One of the most engaging things we've done is to hold house parties around the country. A supporter has put together a film from footage of November 2 events across the country, which can be downloaded and shown to your friends and family over the holidays.

A crew of volunteers is setting up a satellite office in Washington and will be doing outreach across the city, working on a press team, raising funds, and setting up a place for people to find us. Starting Monday, January 2, we need many more volunteers to canvass neighborhoods and schools. Students on winter break should come, and people who can get leave from work should JOIN US. On Monday, January 9, the Senate hearings on the Alito nomination begin. As the month goes on, DC will fill with anti-abortion forces protesting the January 22 anniversary of Roe v. Wade. They must be opposed. We want the demand BUSH STEP DOWN influencing everyone in DC, from the White House to the streets of Anacostia.

Be part of making history! Contact The World Can't Wait for more information at 866-973-4463 or .

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