Slumber Party with the Democrats!

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On January 31, President George W. Bush will deliver his State of the Union speech. Thousands and thousands will be in the streets that night, answering the call from World Can't Wait to demand "Bush Step Down." But not everyone agrees that the looming theocracy merits a strong response. On their national website, the Democratic Party is calling for State of the Union house parties — where people sit and watch Bush on TV, followed by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s response and a conference call with leading Democrats. Democratic Chairman Howard Dean will even attend at least one of the parties. These events are described by the Democrats as a "vital part of our rapid response operation." While we have yet to determine its authenticity, we are reprinting below an official looking invitation that showed up in our mailbox.

Incensed over the revelation that for years Bush was engaged in illegal spying?
Sickened by the death toll from a war and occupation built on lies?
Does the thought of a looming theocracy send a chill down your spine?

Well, if heading out into the streets when Bush delivers his State of the Union speech and protesting like your life depended on it just isn't your cup of tea, then we've got just what you need!

Slumber Party with the Democrats!


Hi, I'm Howard Dean, Democratic Party Chairman, taking a break from supporting the U.S. war effort to personally invite you to attend a State of the Union house party and become a vital part of our "Rapid Response Operation."

Stay upbeat! Watch a video! Tell Bush jokes! Listen attentively to leading Democrats who will lull you to restful sleep!

I’m Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi from California, I suspected government spying years ago but kept my mouth shut!

I'm Harry Reid, Senator for Nevada, I fold like a cheap suit every time there's a chance to stand up to Bush!

I'm Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia, I support a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

As the big party day draws near, you will receive the latest information and research about the president's speech so you and your guests are prepared to respond immediately. You can mark each new presidential lie on a bingo card and win a prize! Toss marshmallows at the TV! Listen attentively to more leading Democrats who will lull you to even more restful sleep!

The Democratic Party understands that many of you might be concerned that a simple slumber party may not be enough to deter Bush. Let us allay those fears. With our strategy of nationwide house parties on January 31, we can meet Bush's lies with even more powerful complaints. Respond to his ongoing crimes with inventive party games. And counter each and every step to institute a bible-based police state by planning to have an even more super party next year!

Remember. Why join with thousands of others demanding that Bush Step Down and participate in messy, disruptive, activities that could even possibly upset the status quo – when you have the incredible opportunity to simply do nothing in the quiet comfort and privacy of your own home! We know which option we like. How about you?

This invitation is brought to you by the DEMOCRATIC PARTY:
Rolling Over and Playing Dead Never Felt Better!

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