Statement of RCP, USA for demonstrations against the State of the Union address:

Revolution #33, February 5, 2006, posted at on January 30, 2005

We want to salute the people and organizations in World Can’t Wait, who’ve been pouring their hearts out to change the direction of history.

Friends, we are locked in a political battle for the future. As the World Can’t Wait call states, “the Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come.” In the wake of the wiretapping revelations and the Alito appointment, can anyone doubt it?

But most of the top Democrats agree with Bush on the war and the Patriot Act, and they wouldn’t even put up a token fight on Alito – until you raised hell and made them worry about their so-called credibility.

We have to rely on the only thing that has ever changed this world: the people, struggling for their real interests against their real enemy. Tonight we speak for millions more who agree with us, but are not yet active. If we are to really drive out this regime – and brothers and sisters we CAN AND MUST DO NOTHING LESS – we must reach out to those millions; and we must immediately mobilize thousands and thousands of them to GET ON THE BUS for Washington, D.C. this Saturday, come to the seat of power, and say BUSH STEP DOWN!

Think for a minute what it would mean to force Bush to step down, just in relation to the abuses spoken to in the World Can’t Wait call: the unjust and vicious wars, the presidentially-approved torture and detentions, the drive to outlaw abortion, and the whole dark ages mentality and “culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance.” At minimum, their whole thing would take an enormous political blow, and a truly progressive dynamic would gain strength and momentum. There would still be a battle – a huge one, for the direction of society – but it would become two-sided for the first time in many years.

Part of that dynamic should include debating what kind of society people need. Our Party stands for a revolution consciously made by millions, which would put the interests of the vast majority of people – and not those of a handful of imperialists – at the foundation of everything it stands for and everything it does. We have the understanding and strategy to do that. And we have the leadership of our Chairman, Bob Avakian, who’s gone deeply into the experience of previous revolutionary and socialist societies, drawing from the achievements and analyzing the shortcomings, and who’s developed an inspiring vision of a whole new society and how to get there. We invite everyone here to engage that.

But right now the common objective of all of us is to politically force Bush to step down and take his program with him. We are determined to do that and to fight relentlessly until it’s done. And as the really crucial next part of that we need to get everyone we know and a whole lot of people we don’t know to GET ON THE BUS this Saturday.



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