Bono: Lunching With Satan

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To most of the world, the words "World Bank," "G8," and "suffering" are identical, "Bush" is spelled "w-a-r-c-r-i-m-i-n-a-l," and murderers, thugs, and thieves sporting expensive suits, official titles, and high rank are still murderers, thugs, and thieves.

Except, it seems, to Bono, famed lead singer for the rock band U2.

In the name of alleviating hunger and poverty in Africa, Bono has embarked on a mission that showers praise upon exploiters and oppressors. He applauds ("a little piece of history") the "debt relief" plan of the richest nations who run the World Bank and IMF that amounts to writing off pennies owed in order to rake in billions more from the world’s impoverished countries. He gives Bush's AIDS program a glowing endorsement ("I think he's done an incredible job, his administration, on AIDS") even though the millions in U.S. anti-AIDS funds come with a deadly anti-condom/pro-abstinence agenda. Most recently at a February prayer meeting at the White House, Bono combined appeals for more African aid with grotesque praise of President Bush. ("Outstanding human achievements. Counterintuitive. Historic. Be very, very proud.") When a fellow band member complained about Bono being photographed with Bush, Bono remarked, "I'd have lunch with Satan if there was so much at stake."

"Even as my associates and I suck billions out of this planet, after a few pledges to throw some crumbs to Africa, Bono says I’m ‘incredible’!. Thanks Bono for helping my image!"

United States President George Bush - architect of war and occupation that took over 100,000 lives and continues to devastate Iraq

"A big 'danke schön' to you Bono! I simply promised an extra set of lice-ridden blankets for each camp inmate and now I'm the 'best Führer Germany ever had.'"

Adolf Hitler, aka, "der Führer ", German leader who oversaw the extermination of millions in the "Final Solution"

"I just pledged an extra potato each month on the plantations and my pal Bono called me the 'kindest and nicest president' the South ever had!"

Confederate States President Jefferson Davis, fought to maintain the enslavement of millions of Black people in the U.S.

"I just promised to hand out a bag of ice cubes to all new arrivals and Bono called me the 'best lord of the underworld ever!' Now everyone sees me as just a big glowing fiery demonic softy! Thanks Bono!"

Satan, mythical creature who reportedly torments billions of human souls in the the fiery pits of hell.

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