Revolution #039, March 19, 2006, posted at

There were two significant typographical errors in the article "The Morality of the Right to Abortion...And the Immorality of Those Who Oppose It" which appeared in last week's issue of Revolution (#38).

On page 14, two paragraphs above the subhead "Where This Is Headed—and What We Must Do," the paragraph should correctly read: This is nothing but bowing down before the morality of religious and patriarchal control over women—and over people generally who strive for a world where human beings are equal. THIS is morally unconscionable!

In the next paragraph, the fourth sentence should read: They agree with the Republicans that the widespread questioning of traditional morality, among other things, that so marked the 1960s and early '70s, has to go—that people have to accept "God, country, and family" morality that has arisen on and serves to fortify the whole system of oppression.

We would like to make the following clarification. The article noted that "the South Dakota legislature outlawed abortion even in the case of rape or incest." The South Dakota abortion ban (which has now been signed into law by the governor) also makes no exception for the health of pregnant women.

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