We Support the Resistance of Iranian Women

Revolution #040, March 26, 2006, posted at revcom.us

The following is an excerpt from a statement prepared by Mary Lou Greenberg, representing the RCP,USA, for the march in Europe against anti-women repression in Iran.

We do not accept these alternatives—the brutality and horrors of either Western-style democracy OR the Islamic state.

We will NOT compromise or remain silent at these atrocities wherever they occur. Women from many countries, here today on this powerful march, are declaring that we support the resistance of Iranian women and women everywhere to gender- and religion-based legislation and suffocating restrictions, that we stand firmly against U.S. imperialist moves to attack Iran, and that we are determined to fight for our liberation and the liberation of our sisters in every country around the globe...

In today’s world, where the alternatives are posed as either imperialist so-called liberation or suffocating feudal tradition, our choice must be—NEITHER. Neither reactionary alternative has anything in common with the emancipation of women—or anything in common with the interests of the great majority of people of the world, men as well as women.

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