Why Do People Come Here From All Over the World?

Revolution #040, March 26, 2006, posted at revcom.us

A reader this week wrote: “I want to better understand the nature of U.S. exploitation of people in Mexico especially, but also Central America, so that I can counter comments like a woman said to me yesterday when I was talking about the Chicago demo: "Well, I'm against letting them in, but if they are here they should be treated humanely." I want to be able to clearly and with specifics explain the dynamics of how imperialism drives them here for family survival. Can you point me to some articles in RW/Rev which can help?”

From the Editors: You will find useful material at revcom.us-- search for “immigrants.” But we strongly want to suggest you study the track “Why Do People Come Here From All Over the World?” on the DVD REVOLUTION - Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What it's All About--a film of a talk by Bob Avakian available from Amazon.com or video and bookstores.

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