In this extraordinary talk Chairman Avakian goes further in re-envisioning communism and in making a new synthesis of Marxism, as well as getting very deeply into the questions posed right now by the revolutionary struggle.

Revolution #45, May 1, 2006

Red Flag in Hand

Proclaim Our Vision, Celebrate Our Achievements, Intensify Our Struggle

May 1: Another World—A Communist World—Is Possible!

A world free of the rule of capital; a world, instead, in which the needs and wants of the people—and NOT the never-ending search for ever more profit—determines what and how things get produced and distributed; a world where the planet is cherished, rather than plundered and even destroyed...

From Ike to Mao and Beyond... My Journey From Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist

From Chapter Three: The World Begins to Open

Even though I did this whole traffic boy thing in grammar school, I had also at a very early age internalized the idea that arbitrary authority wasn’t deserving of respect. I had gotten from my parents a strong sense that you should not have to follow people who required unthinking obedience…

Call to Readers

Take Up the Red Flag on May First

The red flag of the international proletariat must be boldly and dramatically present at the May First demonstrations. This flag calls on our people to be emancipators of humanity — representatives of the historic mission of our class worldwide.

The Story of the Red Flag

In March of 1871, French revolutionaries seized the Hotel de Ville in Paris—which became the heart of the Paris Commune—and hoisted the Red Flag in revolution and internationalism. The Paris Commune was the first time the working class seized power, together with their allies. In describing this in the work The Civil War in France Marx wrote, “the old world writhed in convulsions of rage at the sight of the Red Flag.”

The Minutemen — Enforcers of Death on the Border & Promoters of Racist Hatred

…the Minutemen have emerged as a prominent vigilante group that has been gaining notoriety and legitimacy as expert guests on reactionary news channels like Fox and other mainstream media outlets like CNN.

The Just Demands of the Immigrants Must Be Met!

A great, unprecedented upsurge of protest for immigrant rights is shaking the U.S. Millions of people are raising their heads, asking why things are the way they are and what can be done about them—and they are taking action! The basic demands of the people are clear, just, and reasonable—and they must be met.

Support the Anti-Minutemen 5

As we go to press, the defendants are expected to begin trial on April 25 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. In the last months, many hundreds of thousands of people have taken the streets to battle for the rights of immigrants. This battle has now been dragged into the courts…


Things are Changing

There was a time in this country, where we could hide from politics. Politics was just this thing the talking heads did. A few people were really interested in it, but most people could just get by without dealing with it.

Well, things are changing.

México negro/Black Mexico

The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum in Chicago is currently presenting a show called The African Presence in Mexico. This exhibit is the most comprehensive project ever organized about African contributions to Mexican culture. The three groundbreaking exhibitions that make up this project…

Correspondence from “Conservative Kansas”

Distributing Revolution in the Midst of Immigrants' Struggle

Wichita KS, like all major cities across the country, came out to rally against the racist and inhumane propositions proposed by the powers that be. We had over 5,000 vibrant souls screaming SI SE PUEDE according to our police department. Of course on the frontlines it seemed like much more...


“People in the military need to be told the truth, just like everybody else does.”

New Slideshow on

Still Winter in New Orleans

“Seven months after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is a city of “withouts.” Buildings without roofs, neighborhoods without residents. People without homes, houses without electricity. Kids without schools, teachers without classrooms. Doctors without hospitals, sick people without medicine. A government without solutions, official promises without results.”

A Challenge for the People

Light Up the Sky with the Red Flag—Live Like Damián García

…an image of Comrade Damián García scaling the walls of the Alamo--a hated symbol of the bloody conquest and plunder--and standing, defiant, with a brilliant red flag flying against the backdrop of the San Antonio sky.

Upsurge Continues in Nepal

U.S. Interests, Plots, and Intrigues

…King Gyanendra delivered a televised speech in which he said he called for elections and asked the political parties to recommend a Prime Minister. This was immediately rejected by those who have been demanding an end to the monarchy…

Interview with an Eyewitness in Kathmandu

Revolution interviewed Stephen Mikesell who witnessed the protests in Kathmandu. Mikesell is an anthropologist and expert on Nepal.

Forum at UC Berkeley

“The Attack on Scientific Thinking and Why We Must Defend Science”

On April 13, over 160 people, mainly professors of science, graduate and undergraduate students in the sciences, attended a forum and discussion…

More on the European March Against the Oppression of Women in Iran

…when the alternatives posed to millions of people across the globe are either imperialist devastation and domination or repressive Islamic fundamentalist theocracy, the Iranian, Kurdish, and Afghanistani women who came together in this march are struggling against two reactionary forces in the world and raising a banner for others to take up.

Just Announced

Oct. 5, 2006—A Day of Mass Mobilization: Drive Out the Bush Regime!

World Can't Wait has just announced a call for a day of mass mobilization this fall.

Why the Democrats Won’t Stand and Fight: And Why YOU MUST

It is no secret that millions are deeply frustrated and feeling betrayed by the Democrats. A recent breaking point for many was the dead-in-the-water attempt at censure.


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What Humanity Needs
From Ike to Mao and Beyond