The Just Demands of the Immigrants Must Be Met!

A great, unprecedented upsurge of protest for immigrant rights is shaking the U.S. Millions of people are raising their heads, asking why things are the way they are and what can be done about them—and they are taking action! The basic demands of the people are clear, just, and reasonable—and they must be met. These include:

• No discrimination against immigrants

• No to the Minutemen and other anti-immigrant vigilantes

• Stop and reverse the militarization of the border

• Full rights and access to decent education, health care, and other social services

• No deportations

• No round-ups

• No detention centers/concentration camps

• No criminalization of those giving aid to immigrants

As the protests continue, including on May 1, people should join them, and the demands listed above should be brought to these actions, supported, and fought for.

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