This call is from The World Can't Wait—Drive Out the Bush Regime:

Mass Mobilization Thursday, October 5—Drive Out the Bush Regime!

The Bush Regime Must be Stopped!

On Thursday, OCTOBER 5TH 2006: All day and into the night, across the country, we must decidedly break the paralysis that still grips too much of American political life.

Taking off work, taking off school, shutting down campuses and coming together in mass gatherings, we must let the country and the world know that:

—millions of us reject this illegitimate regime that is as criminal as it is dangerous to humanity & the existence of this planet.

—we refuse to grow accustomed to a political climate that is becoming everyday more frightening & reactionary.

We are what we've been waiting for.

Despite Bush's popularity ratings now running lower than Nixon's, majority opposition to the unjust Iraq war and popular support for Bush being censured or impeached, the political will of the people is being betrayed and finds no voice. We are told to put our hopes into what powerful interests dictate as “electable”.

Ask yourself this: Where will this country and the world be, on the day after the elections of 2006? Will we be debating:

What the minimum voltage level for the electrodes attached to prisoners' genitals is, in order to meet the definition of torture?

Whether war on Iran will use nuclear weapons, or just white phosphorous bombs and conventional forces like in Iraq?

Whether birth control should be outlawed in just a few states, or the whole country?

Whether gay parents should have their children taken away immediately, or just be prevented from adopting in the future?

Will hopes and energies have been squandered again, leaving us further locked into politics that is cementing this situation in place for generations?

Or do we need a powerful movement that is not afraid to give voice to the peoples' will, to speak the truth, building toward and bursting out society-wide on October 5th, that won't stop until the Bush regime is driven from power?

On October 5th we will make a breach in the walls being cemented all around us to say Enough! with mass political action that does not compromise with torture & unjust wars, that rejects bowing down to theocrats and the immorality of empire.

On October 5 join us in a day of honest, courageous resistance. What will you do to take responsibility for the future?

Change the course of history. This regime does not represent us and we will drive it out!

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