A Call to Readers and Distributors:

Take Revolution to Immigrants in Small Towns and Rural Areas

The surge of immigrant protests is sweeping through all parts of the U.S., including the smaller cities and towns and rural areas (see the May 1 article). We call on our readers and distributors to take this issue of Revolution, along with CDs of the audio track “Why Do People Come Here from All Over the World” (from the DVD of Bob Avakian's talk REVOLUTION: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About), to the immigrants in these small cities and towns. Mexican stores in these towns and cities might be a good place to start.

Talk to the immigrants. Find out about what kind of protests have been happening in these places. Listen to the immigrants' stories about their lives and struggles. And send in reports to Revolution newspaper about what you've found out and what the immigrants said. If you don't speak Spanish, link up with others who do—including college students who may be getting out of school soon.

The audio track “Why Do People Come Here from All Over the World” is a free download available in Spanish and English at revcom.us or bobavakian.net.

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