Revolution #48, May 28, 2006

Thanks for Nothing

An Open Letter to David Horowitz

We received this correspondence from a reader.

Mr. Horowitz,

I find your stories of leftist “persecution” of conservatives to be a joke. Why? Because I live in America, the real America, and I have gone to public school for 13 years, and I know where the bias lies.

You say you are for Academic Freedom, but where were you when I got called to the office and threatened with disciplinary action simply for arguing about the Iraq war with another student?

Yes, Mr. Horowitz, this actually happened my freshman year. I certainly didn’t hear you screaming in defense of my freedom.

Mr. Horowitz, where were you when I came out? When I got threatening notes calling me a “faggot,” and a teacher took me aside and gave me a social-Darwinist lecture about why “homosexuality is a weakness”?

Where were you Mr. Horowitz, when my fourth grade teacher read us “The Chronicles of Narnia,” and followed each reading selection of it with a lecture about how the book preached values similar to the Bible, which we should follow?

Where were you when my first-grade teacher started school everyday by reading us selected Bible passages, along with pre-written sermons from a Sunday school book?

Where were you Mr. Horowitz, when my government teacher called four other students' parents, hoping to intimidate them into standing for the pledge of allegiance, even though they didn’t believe in God?

Where were you Mr. Horowitz in my Jr. High Social Studies class where we learned about how at Kent State in 1970, the students were to blame for getting shot and got what they deserved?

Where were you when Marine recruiters came into my senior Government class and preached about how the media was lying about Iraq, and why students should sign up to go fight over there?

Where were you when a preacher came to my school right before the 2000 election, and told a group of us who were getting out of study hall that Lieberman shouldn’t be allowed to run for vice-president because he was “a Jew who didn’t believe in our lord Jesus Christ”?

Yeah, your rhetoric about how the educational system in America is run by a liberal conspiracy is on the same level with those who think Wall Street is run by a Jewish Conspiracy. That level is called hate-sponsored insanity.

If you were really in favor of academic freedom, you would be in the small towns across America getting religious indoctrination out of the classroom. You would be challenging the teachers who bully and harass anti-war students and call them “traitors.”

You would be out trying to make sure kids knew the truth, and weren’t being told lies about how “condoms don’t work” and “homosexuality causes AIDS.”…

I know where the bias is, and I know who you are really serving.

Thanks for Nothing.

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