Revolution #52, June 25, 2006

From: “The Vicious Agenda Behind the Attacks on Gay Marriage” (Revolution #51, June 18, 2006)

“The Christian fascists say that gay marriage attacks the institution of the family. Sometimes reasonable, humane people scratch their heads and ask these anti-gay forces, ‘But how does the marriage of two gay people hurt anyone who is striving to forge intimate relations on decent egalitarian grounds?’ And, in fact, there is no way at all that two gay people marrying hurts that. But that is not the issue. The Christian fascists have a whole program on marriage, including covenant marriage (a ‘contract with god,’ that among other things places severe restrictions on divorce) and restricting and eventually eliminating divorce.

"Stepping back, the current battle over marriage laws has to be seen in the context of stresses on U.S. imperialism today, and how the rulers see forging social cohesion in these times.”

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