Revolution #55, July 30, 2006


Historic Talks by Bob Avakian

Get The Word Out!

Last week we were proud and thrilled to announce the posting of important new talks by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the RCP,USA, on and These talks are truly pathbreaking explorations in communist theory and its application to a breathtaking range of questions, including political questions which are urgently and sharply posed in today’s situation. They are also living laboratories in the communist method and approach to the world. There is a scope and a depth to each talk, and the talks as a whole, that is really unprecedented and extraordinary.

The first talk—”Why We’re in the Situation We’re in Today…And What to Do About It: A Thoroughly Rotten System and the Need for Revolution”—underlines and illuminates the great urgency of this moment, and the high stakes. Things are changing, radically; whether that change will be in a very negative, or a positive—perhaps extremely positive—direction has everything to do with what we do.

Today there are millions restlessly and urgently questioning the direction of things. They need to know about and hear these talks!

If you’re a regular reader, you have probably already begun listening to these talks, and are beginning to share them with people you know. Now try to imagine the difference it could make if millions of people got with these talks. What would it mean if thousands, and then tens of thousands, were deeply getting into this, grasping the content and beginning to make the method and approach in these talks—the living application of materialist dialectics—their own? What would it mean if tens of thousands more were engaging with the talks—looking at things in new ways and beginning to “go back and forth” with genuine communism? And what would it mean if millions became acquainted with the talks, getting to know Bob Avakian and what he’s all about, and having all that circulating in their minds?

How would that affect the atmosphere, including how people very broadly saw the possibilities and their role in things? How would that change the political equation? What would that open up, in people’s thinking and in reality more broadly?

You have to remember: this understanding of the world—and this way of understanding the world—is still way too much of a secret. That really has to change—and quickly.

To that end—and as a beginning—we are calling for a major public opinion campaign to really launch this out there in the next two weeks. We have created a poster on the back page of this issue. This poster is available as a downloadable pdf from our site. You can also download the poster in postcard, flyer, or sticker size. Over the next two weeks—and with a major organized push on the weekend of August 4th through 6th—we are calling on everyone to get this poster out everywhere. Imagine this poster appearing in many different places. It needs to be in the big cities, the suburbs, the rural areas, the prisons, the schools, the day labor corners—among growing numbers of people in every part of society. It needs to be on the walls of the streets, and up in the coffee shops and bars, the barber shops and beauty parlors, the community centers, theaters and cultural centers and gyms.

We envision teams organizing up for that weekend, going out with the posters and playing the talks as they do, getting the word out, and making new ties with people. We envision a high-impact move on public opinion that gets word of this out to literally millions of people, that makes a big stir and drives thousands and thousands to the web sites to listen to and download these talks.

And that would be just the beginning. There is a whole range of ways that this has to get out, and we want to hear from you on this—your ideas and your experiences, including from the August 4-6 weekend—as we carry forward and get the word out.

There’s nothing like this on the planet. Let’s do what cries out to be done to make sure that truly huge numbers of people know about it and are seriously engaging it.

Send us your comments.

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