Revolution #55, July 30, 2006


Israeli Killing Continues in the Gaza and West Bank

With much of world attention focused on Lebanon, Israel has stepped up its aggression against Gaza and the West Bank over the last week.

On July 19, Israeli tanks invaded the Mughazi refugee camp in the Gaza. At least 16 people were killed as Israeli tanks and missiles bombarded homes in the region, in several days of Israeli attacks.

Dr. Mona El-Farra, a physician in Gaza, described the situation there on Democracy Now: “I am sorry that one of the injured was one of the health emergency team whose both legs were amputated. And the army tanks destroyed the power plant in that area, so the whole area of the middle camps, besides the majority of the Gaza Strip, still doesn’t have electrical power. The hospitals are working under heavy load of increasing number of casualties, besides the deaths. We are working while the drug stores in Gaza Strip are in very bad need for medications and medical supplies. So, the situation is actually deteriorating.

“The Israeli occupying forces are moving from one place to another. After they finished with Beit Hanun village in the north, they are moving to the middle camps. They are continuing their assault against different ministries, the buildings, and while they are bombing Gaza Strip official buildings, they don’t avoid civilians. And I can say the whole situation is a very ugly situation and is not promising. We still live in big prison, Gaza. I call it big prison. A whole nation is living under collective punishment. A whole nation is captured, is really captured. We are captured. We are chased by the gunboats from the west of Gaza and the army tanks in the east and north, while the air raids continue on top of Gaza.”

Israel expanded its Gaza attack into the West Bank, staging a large operation in the West Bank town of Nablus, attacking and destroying the Palestinian muqataa (government office compound). A Palestinian security official said, “Three bulldozers are destroying it night and day and reducing the buildings to dust. The police building, local interior ministry and preventive security building have been entirely destroyed.”

At least four were killed in Nablus. Ahmed Anab, a 38-year-old resident whose house is adjacent to the local muqataa was killed outside his home from the force of explosives detonated by the Israeli army. Three bodies riddled with dozens of bullets were recovered from the muqataa by the Palestinian Red Crescent. Red Crescent Director Anan Al Atirah told Ma’an Press that the Israeli forces left those they had injured to bleed for several hours before they allowed the Red Crescent to come in and that the continuous bleeding after injury led to their deaths.

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