Revolution #55, July 30, 2006


Israel’s Unjust War

The U.S. claims that Israel is acting in self-defense and its war on Lebanon is in retaliation for two soldiers seized by Hezbollah or to keep Israel safe from rockets launched by Hezbollah into Israel. This stands reality on its head

The seizing of the Israeli soldiers was aimed at a prisoner exchange, something that has happened many times between Hezbollah and Israel, most recently in January 2004. Further, there is evidence that Israel’s invasion was planned over a year in advance of the seizure of its soldiers.

It is Israel who illegally occupied southern Lebanon beginning in 1982, causing intense suffering and hardship for the people, until they were driven out in 2000. During its occupation Israel stole water from the Litani River and even took fertile topsoil back to Israel. Israel won’t tell the U.N. or the Lebanese government the location of thousands of land mines it planted during the occupation, which continue to injure people.

Since Israel pulled its troops out of southern Lebanon in 2000, Israeli aircraft have continued to fly illegally over Lebanese territory. Israel controls large farm acreage, the Shebaa Farms, which are Lebanese soil. Although there have been border raids by both Israel and Hezbollah, the raids by Israel have been larger and more destructive.

On July 19, 2004, a senior Hezbollah official, Ghaleb Awwali, was assassinated in a car bombing in Beirut, and most suspect Israel as being responsible. June 2006, the Lebanese military arrested an assassination squad led by a former corporal of Israel’s puppet South Lebanese Army. According to statements, the cell was trained and supported by the Mossad, an Israeli intelligence agency.

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