Revolution #64, October 8, 2006


What People Are Saying About Bob Avakian

“Bob Avakian is a long distance runner in the freedom struggle against imperialism, racism and capitalism. His voice and witness are indispensable in our efforts to enhance the wretched of the earth. And his powerful story of commitment is timely.”

Cornel West
Class of 1943 University Professor of Religion
Princeton University

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“A truly interesting account of Bob Avakian’s life, a humanizing portrait of someone who is often seen only as a hard-line revolutionary. I can understand why Bob Avakian has drawn so many ardent supporters. He speaks to people’s alientation from a warlike and capitalist society, and holds out the possibility for radical change.”

Howard Zinn, historian
(commenting on From Ike to Mao and Beyond...)

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“At this dark time in the history of our country and of the world, we need some new conversations about Marx and the socialist tradition – conversations free of dogmatism, open to ideas from all sides, but oriented in a progressive direction and eager to learn from thinking critically within the Marxist tradition. This book provides us with one model of what those kinds of conversations can be like.”

Allen Wood
author of Karl Marx and Kant’s Ethical Thought
(commenting on Marxism and the Call of the Future,
by Bob Avakian and Bill Martin)

* * * * *

“Just like a landmark art work or historically seminal music, Bob Avakian’s delivery and timing is truly inspiring. The only thing more inspiring is the vision and message he presents to us. Avakian is a revolutionary leader whose voice must be heard far and wide today.”

Wil-Dog, Jiro and Uli from Ozomatli
(commenting on Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About, video/DVD)

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“This system makes people do what they want them to do. In the new society you might only work for four hours and then you do art, science, crafts, or whatever. The masses out here think they are in control of the drugs but the system puts the drugs out here to keep us from thinking and acting in a revolutionary way. People look at the new society like that is unbelievable. But we have the right person to lead us there. There is enough people around the world that if they got a hold of the Chairman and took him up it would be a cold revolution. People need to know that they have a person like the Chairman on their side and they need to stand up for him.”

Willie “Mobile” Shaw
RCP comrade from Watts, L.A., who died last year

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“Avakian has in his understanding what is in the interests of humanity as a whole.”

An immigrant from El Salvador
living in Chicago

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