Revolution #70, November 26, 2006


Emergency Teach-ins Held in over 40 Cities and Towns

In the wake of the October 5 protests across the U.S., the World Can’t Wait organization called for emergency teach-ins in communities and on campuses on the theme of: where is the Bush regime taking the world, and why must it be stopped? According to WCW, teach-ins took place in over 40 cities and towns during the week of Oct. 27 to Nov. 2.

About 325 people attended the “flagship” teach-in in New York City on Oct. 30. This event was web streamed and made available online—and thousands of people have watched it so far, WCW reports. And now the NYC teach-in is available on DVD.

WCW noted that the teach-ins around the country “reflected the breadth and potential to unite with a wide section of people who are seriously alarmed and outraged by the Bush administration’s horrendous rampage that is radically reshaping every sphere of American life.” (Read more about the nationwide teach-ins online at

The WCW says they are developing plans for a new wave of teach-ins. And they are calling for people around the country to organize viewings of the DVD of the New York teach-in.

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