Revolution #83, March 25, 2007


Beneath the Surface with Michael Slate

Michael Slate, the only revolutionary communist hosting a weekly drive-time radio show in America, can be heard on Beneath the Surface every Tuesday from 5 to 6 p.m. Pacific time on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles and 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara. You can also tune in on the internet at

Beneath the Surface with Michael Slate is where many have heard the voice of Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, including a ten-part interview that Slate conducted and recent talks and presentations by the Chairman.

Slate's show provides up-to-the-minute analysis of the most pressing issues of the day: ranging from the war in the Middle East to the assault on science and critical thinking, victims of police brutality, military resisters, writers and scholars dedicated to exposing the dangers of theocracy and Christian fascists, progressive artists, anti-war and impeachment activists, former Guantanamo detainees, and civil liberties lawyers. Past guests have included: Ward Churchill, Steve Earle, Ursula LeGuin, Niles Eldredge, Sam Harris, Rickie Lee Jones, Richard Falk, Ann Wright, David Cross, Jose Maria Sison, rappers Boots Riley and Paris, Ray McGovern, Saul Williams, former U.S. Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, David Crosby, Los Tigres del Norte, and Oscar Brown Jr. The show also features revolutionary journalists who write for the pages of Revolution newspaper.

Michael Slate has been a correspondent for Revolution (formerly the Revolutionary Worker) for over two decades. He has reported from the townships of South Africa during the 1980s; from South Central, Los Angeles following the 1992 L.A. Rebellion; from the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico; and the tsunami-struck coast of Sri Lanka.

This is radio that digs into the world as it is and how it should be and could be. Don't miss it. If you miss a live broadcast, archives are available for listening or downloading at (click on "Audio Archives") or from Michael Slate's website (, where you can also sign up for weekly email announcements about upcoming shows.


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