Revolution #83, March 25, 2007


Calling All Readers...and Revolutionaries

Special Issue Coming!

All photos: Li Onesto, except top: Stanley Rogouski

The April 2 issue of Revolution will be a special broadsheet, designed for distribution in huge quantities.

The point: to introduce hundreds of thousands of new people to Bob Avakian’s vision of communism, his analysis of the heavy challenges that people face today, and his program for how to deal with all this.

There is no other leader like Chairman Avakian out there. There is nothing like the body of work he’s produced, the ideas he's brought forward, and his way of going at understanding and changing the world. This is the real thing— for people to dig into, and to apply to making revolutionary change. But there are still far, far too few people who have even had a chance to hear and learn what Bob Avakian is all about and to get into his ideas and thinking. We aim to make a giant stride, in the next few weeks, in changing all that.

We’re calling on distributors and regular readers to think now about how to get this issue out very, very broadly, and to make plans and preparations accordingly. Get people together now to view the DVD Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About.

Think about teachers, clergy, and others who are positioned to get this paper out to many, many others. Then talk to them. Make an appointment to come back and talk to their classes and congregations when the special issue comes out.

Think about the stores, gyms, theaters, libraries, barber shops, galleries, laundromats, and beauty parlors that can carry scores and hundreds of these broadsheets. Then go to them, sell them a video, and set up to get them materials.

Think about key areas where people need to hear about this leader and get into his vision. Then make plans and preparations accordingly.

When the plans are done…then go out there, far and wide, with the next issue of the paper.

Quietly where you have to, but as boldly as possible wherever you can. Saturate the high schools, the neighborhoods, the college campuses with tens of thousands of copies of the special issue. Go out everywhere with this special issue… and go BIG!

Bring new people into the movement, right on the spot. And then come back together and talk about how it’s going. Spread the movement: get out hundreds of thousands of papers, create a massive political wave suddenly roaring up from below like a tsunami.

* * * * *

In order to give people the most possible time to prepare the ground for this effort, we are not publishing a print edition next week. But we will be publishing an e-issue. This will be posted on our site,, on Monday morning, March 26. We will cover the news of the next week, including the demonstrations against the war and the Bush regime taking place between March 17 and 20, the response to the grand jury decisions on Sean Bell and, no doubt, much else besides.

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