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April 12
To all those participating in the drive to get out ½ million copies of the special issue of Revolution about Bob Avakian:

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There has been a lot learned and a lot accomplished in the first week of this drive. We have to build on all this now and take it to another level to achieve our goals, as part of the first phase of really making this leader known to millions of people.

What’s been revealed:

In other words, what’s been even more deeply revealed is the potential for this leader and what he represents to take root much more broadly and deeply in society.

What’s been accomplished:

As of Sunday night, April 8, we had achieved over 1/4 of our goal. The paper had gotten out from New York City to Los Angeles; from Chicago to Salt Lake City, Utah; from Atlanta to Berkeley, California. It’s gotten out among, and been engaged by, immigrant construction workers and people in the projects, among prisoners and their families, and professors and their students, among people in movements for social change, and thousands of everyday people. The special issue has been spread by all kinds of people – teachers and clergy and librarians and bands and tax preparers. There’s been ads in newspapers and slots on the radio. In sum:

All this is very important and a good beginning. It provides a basis to reach our goals – if we learn from what we’ve done so far, build on it, and take things to a higher level.

What we have to do now:

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