Revolution #85, April 22, 2007


We received the following from Revolution distributors in L.A.
There is a political “perfect storm” hitting the L.A. area the last weekend of April—a gathering of vast and diverse social and cultural forces. It holds great potential, especially to connect Bob Avakian and his vision of communism, his analysis of the challenges of these dangerous times, and his revolutionary program for change to hundreds of thousands. You are needed to realize the promise of such a moment to bring revolutionary politics to many, many new and overwhelmingly receptive people.

Many hundreds of thousands of people, from all walks of life—from Latino immigrants to rebel youth to free thinkers and book lovers—will be converging here for the following:

  • 4/27-4/29: 3-day concert in Coachella (2 hours east of L.A.) when Rage Against the Machine will reunite to perform! There will also be scores of other progressive and radical artists. Many thousands, especially youth, are expected to be at the campsites and surrounding areas.
  • 4/28 & 4/29: L.A. Times Festival of Books—the biggest event of its kind in the country, typically attended by over 100,000 people, including hundreds of prominent authors and writers—will be at the UCLA campus.
  • 4/29: More than 500,000 people, mainly Spanish-speaking immigrants, are expected to gather for Fiesta Broadway over 36 square blocks of downtown L.A. This is the same area where over a half million marched for immigrant rights in 2006 (and between 25 and 50,000 marched again earlier this month on April 7). Anyone with Spanish language skills and a burning desire to change the world should join us at this.

Beyond just numbers, these are hundreds of thousands—men and women, young and old, proletarians and middle classes, different nationalities and languages—who are all hungry for big answers at this crossroads in human history. They need to find the leadership that these times demand—by being introduced to Bob Avakian through the recent special issue of Revolution newspaper, through his unparalleled DVD Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About, and through other works.

Tens of thousands of dollars are needed to order and print materials, and for travel and lodging of volunteers for this very special weekend. Begin fundraising now. Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity! To volunteer, and to send donations (checks and money orders), contact:

For a Momentous Weekend
c/o Libros Revolucion
312 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 488-1303

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