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From Set the Record Straight: Lies the System Tells You

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Mission Statement of Set the Record Straight Project

Set the Record Straight takes on the distortions and misrepresentations about the “first wave of socialist revolutions” in the Soviet Union (1917-56) and in China (1949-76). It is challenging the facile summations and pervasive message broadcast in society that socialism has been a nightmare, or at best a terribly flawed experiment.

The Set the Record Straight project seeks to promote truthful examination and an honest conversation about the actual experience and lessons of socialism in the 20th century. What were the Soviet and Chinese revolutions setting out to do? What were the extraordinary achievements of these revolutions in the face of great obstacles? What were their real mistakes and shortcomings? And what in fact is communism?

It is a timely conversation to be had. In society, a battle for the truth has been heating up – whether we are talking about Iraq, global warming, or the “story of America” itself. What better time to be discussing historical truth and historical possibility?

We want to stir and enter into debate and discussion. We want to encourage and popularize new research and contribute to creating an intellectual current that takes on the slanders and “conventional wisdom” about the historical experience of socialism. We want to bring Bob Avakian’s innovative vision of a vibrant communism for the 21st century into discourse. In these and other ways, Set the Record Straight is helping to open up a wide dialogue about why a radically different, and liberating, world is possible.


Set the Record Straight is undertaking a wide range of educational and outreach activities:

  • Speeches by Maoist political economist and author Raymond Lotta on campuses about the experience of socialist revolution
  • Broad distribution of materials and open-air debate on college campuses
  • Forums and debates on topical issues and controversial books like Mao: The Unknown Story
  • Research and publication of fact sheets, articles, and other educational materials
  • Networking with progressive scholars in various academic fields, and giving talks in classes
  • Commentary and debate in the media
  • Developing an informational website


Let us know what you think about this project and ways to increase its impact. Invite Set the Record Straight to your college or university. Help set up programs on campuses and in communities. Contact us for interviews in the media. Strategize with us about rebutting high-profile anticommunist memoirs and studies. Go to the Set the Record Straight website and utilize our informational materials. Make donations so that we can carry on the work of the project.


Set the Record Straight

P.O. Box 981

Chicago, IL 60690-0981


Send us your comments.

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