Revolution#87, May 6, 2007


Distribution of Special Issue on Bob Avakian Heads Toward ½ Million

The distribution of the Revolution special issue on Bob Avakian—“The Crossroads We Face, The Leadership We Need”—hit over 472,000 as of April 22! With major efforts being mounted in Los Angeles as we go to press, over half a million people will have been introduced to this leader and what he’s all about by the time you read this. In addition, ads were run in a number of papers and many stores, libraries, and other outlets made the paper available. In all, at least 2,500 people were involved in getting this issue out in many different ways.

In future issues, Revolution will cover what was accomplished and learned through this effort. To help deepen that process, we encourage people to write to us and tell us your experiences reading, distributing, and raising money for this special issue of Revolution newspaper: Email us at or send us your comments directly through our web site, Or write us at Revolution, Box 3486 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654. Or call us at 773-227-4066.

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