Revolution #89, May 20, 2007

What People Are Saying About Revolution Newspaper

Though it may be difficult—even for the most left-leaning liberal—to agree with the paper's staunch positions, it is a rousing read. Highlights of the March 18 [2007] issue include an article explaining the U.S. imperialist strategy for mounting a war against Iran.--Utne Reader

I studied the Revolution article, “What We Are About Should Not Only Encompass but Welcome the Anrundhati Roys of the World.” I found that to be totally true, everyone is not going to agree with one’s views, positions at all times and Bob Avakian was right to point to that. In my view, it's about the method one utilizes to debate the contradictions we will encounter in the course of struggle. I myself believe in the democratic centralism method where everyone is encouraged to use their voice but in a respectful manner. As was said in the material there is nothing wrong with disagreement much can be learned from disagreement as along as we keep an open mind… --Prisoner, Pelican Bay Prison, California

Revolution is a important independent media news source for us at Project Censored. I find the stories generally truthful, well-documented, fully sourced. Revolution makes a significant contribution to covering news stories the corporate media in the U.S. fails to report. --Peter Phillips, Professor of Sociology, Sonoma State University and Director, Project Censored

Think there is no way out of this mess? Think again. Revolution is dedicated to raising the consciousness of the world’s working majority; those who possess little or no property but without whom the wealth-creating engine of the earth would grind to a halt, those who have the unique power to turn back the tide of endless war, starvation, disease and environmental degradation. Revolution is a determined foe of racism, sexism and xenophobia. Revolution is an unparalleled source for news and analysis of both domestic and world events. Read Revolution. Experience Revolution! --Al Ronzoni, Jr., Progressive Democrats of America

[Translated from Spanish:] I love movies and documentaries. I think it is very important that you keep writing (and translating) Revolution because it has a focus which we don't often see, or consider, or we forget. The movies that you select to review are very good, as is the extra information you write about them. It would be great  if you could publicize your newspaper in the universities and other schools. --An 18-year-old communications student at Ciudad Universitaria [the main campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico] in Mexico City

I've read Revolution and its predecessor since its inception. Not only do I get an anti-imperialist perspective on the news of the world, Revolution reports news most other papers won't touch. --Ron Jacobs, author The Way the Wind Blew

The full page layouts on the back of the paper have sparked lively debate, i.e. what's the difference between English only and Whites only. Also the Wanted poster of the Bush regime. It's amazing how when I extend the paper how many people are taken back by the depth of the articles. The fact that it’s told like it is resonates with those who read it… Please keep the RCP papers coming. --A prisoner, Delano, CA

We understand that the subscription rate is a subsidized amount and the cost of postage may be quite high. We also know the financial constraints a revolutionary paper has to face in a capitalist society, but still we request you to continue the present arrangement of sending a complimentary copy of Revolution as the financial situation is even tighter for a small third world revolutionary group like ours.... We want you to know how much useful the paper has been for us. Apart from exposing the underbelly of the capitalist beast, it has been providing us very useful insights about the fights and struggles of all American peoples. We have used material from it to regularly write about the brutal police repression in the U.S., about Peru, about struggles in Latin America, and other struggles around the world. --Readers in India

In the series, "The Oppression of Black People and the Revolutionary Struggle to End All Oppression," Bob Avakian is talking about slavery from a point of view that history will show that slavery was unique in a sense that it has never been made clear its real purpose. We need a brand new consideration of slavery.  Black people have been cheated out of the history of what really happened.  It was fantastic that he was willing to write that history.  I want to thank him.  Being a historian myself, I am concerned that the true history has never been told, it's been hidden. Revolution has the most intelligent and factual information that people should be aware of in the present time. --Hal Perry, member of USF Dons 1955-56 NCAA basketball championship teams, captain on the 1956 team

Revolution, for me, is important in myriad ways. Perhaps the most important is the manner in which current events are related so that the proletariat (me) can see not only how current affairs affect us at the bottom of an imperialist, capitalist society, but that there is something we as the working class can do to effect change. Moreover, Revolution, along with the Party in general, has shown me that I am not alone, and that the movement is still very much alive. --Daniel, Revolution distributor, Ogden, Utah

The first article I ever read from Revolution was reporting on President Bush's new nuclear policy—his development of "mini-nukes" and bunker busters, and his statement that he felt he had the right to strike first, even with nuclear weapons. I hadn't read this anywhere else and thought it could not possibly be true. I decided to fact-check the article using White House sources. It was all easily verifiable. Why doesn't the mainstream press report on stuff like this? --A professional fact-checker

While being shuffled around in this prison unit I so happened into a cell that had a copy of Revolution (April 2nd) lying on the floor. Being an avid reader, and curious by nature, I proceeded to read the paper keeping in mind that my culture has painted communism as the ideology of the atheistic devil-worshipers whose only goal is to oppress the common man into total submission to the state. Since I have “Enemy of the State” boldly tattooed across my breastbone, I’m obviously against any ideology that promotes further oppression. However from what I was able to read from Revolution, after several readings, it seemed that I had been mislead and communism has possibly been misrepresented to me. I would be very interested in learning more about Mr. Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party, unfortunately I’m indigent and, as such, only able to rely on the charity and good intentions of person outside willing to donate to my education. I would very much like to subscribe to Revolution, but of course I lack the funds… --A prisoner in Texas

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