Revolution: Fall 2007

Think you know the truth on socialism and communism?
Think that there’s no alternative to the present setup?

Think again…and take the pop quiz from the Set the Record Straight project (

Question 1:

During the Mao years of 1949–1976, life expectancy [in China]:

A) got worse, declining from 58 years to 52 years.
B) improved greatly, more than doubling from 32 to 65 years.
C) stayed the same at 58 years.
D) There is no data.

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From the Mission Statement of Set the Record Straight:
“Set the Record Straight is an educational project that takes on the distortions and misrepresentations about the ‘first wave of socialist revolutions’ in the Soviet Union (1917–56) and in China (1949–76). What were these revolutions actually setting out to do? What were the extraordinary achievements of these revolutions in the face of great obstacles? What were their real mistakes and shortcomings? And what in fact is communism?”

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