Revolution: Fall 2007

If You Want to Change the World… You Need to Know Bob Avakian

There is no one doing anything like the work that Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, is doing. From wide-ranging discussion—and re-envisioning—of the communist project to penetrating analyses of the U.S. social structure; from deep discussions of epistemology to far-sighted and practical guidance at critical junctures in the revolutionary struggle; from searching critiques of religion and democracy to explorations of the ethical dimension of communism—the work by Bob Avakian is a must for anyone who is seriously grappling with the situation we’re in and how to change it.

* Audio downloads of Bob Avakian’s talks, interviews, readings from his memoir, and radio-ready clips at:

* Description about and ordering information for many of Bob Avakian’s books are available on the Insight Press site at:

* Special Issue of Revolution newspaper on Bob Avakian: The Crossroads We Face, The Leadership We Need

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