Revolution #100, September 9, 2007

Free the Jena 6—On the Air

Revolution correspondent Alice Woodward reported the story of the Jena 6 on KALW, an NPR station in San Francisco on August 3. On August 14, she was interviewed live from Jena on Michael Slate’s show “Beneath the Surface” on KPFK in Los Angeles. That show can be downloaded at On August 23, Alice Woodward was the guest on the Power 98 Morning Madhouse, on hip hop and R&B station WPEG in Charlotte. The hosts—No Limit Larry, Janine Davis, Tone X, and Church Boy—organized listeners live on the air to get on buses to Jena. They announced the phone number to get on the bus from Charlotte, and called on listeners who had more busses to make them available to take people to protest in Jena at the scheduled sentencing of Mychal Bell on September 20. The station is making that show available as a podcast at

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