Revolution #102, September 23, 2007

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New Series on Venezuela

Hugo Chavez Has an Oil Strategy…
But Can This Lead to Liberation?

This article by Raymond Lotta is part of a fuller analysis being developed by a writing group about Hugo Chavez and what has been happening in Venezuela since Chavez came to power in 1998.

The nature of Hugo Chavez’s “Bolivarian revolution” is a highly important and widely discussed issue among progressive and radical-minded people… But what is the actual program and outlook of Hugo Chavez, what is the character of the process unfolding in Venezuela, and where is it heading? Does Chavez’s program represent a real alternative to imperialist-led exploitation, a viable road to liberation in today’s world? And what is the meaning of socialism in today’s globalized world?…

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Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA:

The Oppression of Black People & The Revolutionary Struggle To End All Oppression

This series of excerpts from writings and talks by Bob Avakian deals with the bitter reality—and the fundamental source—of the oppression of Black people throughout the history of the U.S., from the days of slavery down to the present time, and points to the revolutionary road to ending this oppression, and all forms of oppression and exploitation.

Excerpts included in this series are:

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Socialism Is Much Better Than Capitalism and Communism Will Be a Far Better World

Growing numbers of people are concerned about the state of the world and the fate of the planet. Do things have to be this way? No, there is a real world alternative: socialism and communism. But people are constantly bombarded with the message that socialism has failed and that capitalism is the best of all possible worlds. A whole generation of young people has basically heard nothing else about socialism other than it is a nightmare. This "rewriting of history" has also influenced many progressive intellectuals. The Set the Record Straight Project aims to turn the ideological assault against communism into a two-sided debate on college campuses about communism’s past and communism’s future.

Revolution serialized an important speech by Maoist political economist Raymond Lotta, from a speaking tour as part of the Set the Record Straight project. The speech, “Socialism Is Much Better Than Capitalism, and Communism Will Be A Far Better World," confronts the lies about communism, analyzes the real experience and breakthroughs of the Bolshevik revolution of 1917-56, and the Chinese revolution of 1949-76, and brings forth Bob Avakian’s vibrant reenvisioning of the communist project.

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The Science of Evolution and The Myth of Creationism
Knowing What’s Real—and Why It Matters

Originally a series in Revolution (formerly known as Revolutionary Worker ) newspaper, The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism: Knowing What’s Real and Why It Matters by Ardea Skybreak was published as a book in Fall 2006. The book has received increasing recognition from renowned scientists and educators…as well as from many people who are ordinarily denied access to science. Earlier this year, The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism was named as one of three finalists for the 2007 Benjamin Franklin award in the category of Science/Environment. Sponsored by the independent publishers association PMA (Publishers Marketing Association), this award recognizes excellence in independent publishing.

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From the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, On the Occasion of the May 1st Demonstrations for Immigrant Rights

We Are Human Beings
We Demand a Better World
We Will Not Accept Slavery in Any Form

Today, on May 1, all over the world people are celebrating International Workers Day in struggle against the oppression and degradation this capitalist/imperialist system brings down on the people of the world. Here in the U.S., people are stepping out into the streets. They are going up in the face of vicious attacks on immigrants in this country, and refusing to be treated as modern-day slaves.

On this day we raise the call:

We are human beings, we demand a better world, we will not accept slavery in any form…

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