Revolution #103, October 7, 2007

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NY: Hundreds March and Rally Against Bush at the UN

New York, Sept. 25—Hundreds took to the streets to protest President Bush's appearance at the United Nations. The march was spearheaded by college and high school youth. Prior to the march, people gathered in the plaza across from the UN to express their fury and opposition to the Bush regime's moves toward war on Iran and to the entire reactionary Bush agenda.

At the beginning of the rally, a group of youth and others marched into the plaza wearing the orange jumpsuits and black hoods that prisoners at Guantánamo are forced to wear. Written on the back of their jumpsuits was “Silence + Torture = Complicity.” Many others in the crowd had orange clothing, bandanas, or ribbons, answering World Can’t Wßait's call: “Don't Want An Endless War? Declare It Now and Wear Orange!” During the rally, 14 members of the NYC Stops Bush September 25 coalition were arrested for a civil disobedience action, along with 3 youths who came to their defense.
Among the speakers at the rally was Sunsara Taylor, member of the World Can’t Wait advisory board and a writer for Revolution, who said, “In this country and in the world today, we’re being told you have to pick between U.S. imperialist crusades, like George Bush’s wars, or Islamic fundamentalism. And we are saying we refuse to choose between McWorld and Jihad. These are not the only choices. Humanity needs another way.

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