Revolution #105, October 21, 2007

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What People Are Saying About Revolution Newspaper


Revolution is my favorite newspaper, I look forward to information I can trust in each and every issue. It is the spirit and action of revolution. Rock on with your revolutionary self.”

—Richard Montoya of Culture Clash

“Project Censored finds some of the most thoroughly researched, well written and deeply analyzed news reportage in Revolution newspaper. ‘Mexico - Rumbling Volcano’ provided valuable insight and background on U.S. involvement in Mexico’s 2006 Presidential Election.”

—Tricia Boreta of Project Censored [The article from Revolution newspaper,
 “Mexico: The Political Volcano Rumbles” has been chosen by Project Censored for inclusion in “Censored 2008:
The Top 25 Censored Stories.”]

While being shuffled around in this prison unit I so happened into a cell that had a copy of Revolution (April 2nd) lying on the floor. Being an avid reader, and curious by nature, I proceeded to read the paper keeping in mind that my culture has painted communism as the ideology of the atheistic devil-worshipers whose only goal is to oppress the common man into total submission to the state. Since I have “Enemy of the State” boldly tattooed across my breastbone, I’m obviously against any ideology that promotes further oppression. However from what I was able to read from Revolution, after several readings, it seemed that I had been misled and communism has possibly been misrepresented to me. I would be very interested in learning more about Mr. Bob Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party, unfortunately I’m indigent and, as such, only able to rely on the charity and good intentions of person outside willing to donate to my education. I would very much like to subscribe to Revolution, but of course I lack the funds…

—A prisoner in Texas

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