Revolution #105, October 21, 2007

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“I’ve decided to dig deep and donate to help distribute Revolution as widely as possible”

I’ve decided to dig deep and donate to help distribute Revolution as widely as possible. People have many questions in this time of crisis in the U.S. empire, from New Orleans to Iraq. The 9-11 attacks and the official reaction begged the question: What was the U.S. doing to cause that kind of feedback? What is “Islamic” resistance really about? People who’ve been frightened and confused deserve more than the orchestrated flag-waving chauvinism spewed by the reactionary leaders of this country, and their lackey press. People deserve sharp, clear analysis of what’s really going on. Getting Revolution into as many hands as possible can help to put a fresh, new world view out there—helping to counter the constant drumbeat for war pushed by the corporate media. Because their imperialist system is under attack, the last shreds of our legal and human rights are quickly being stripped away. Torture, spying, deportations, jailing and mass murder have become the “accepted” Order throughout the U.S. “homeland” and empire today. Many older folks say this is the worst they’ve ever seen it. The agenda of Bush—and the Democrats who enable him—becomes crystal clear: Make endless war on the world, and damn the rights of the people everywhere—all to support their oil, money and empire. In that context, Revolution can serve as a powerful tool for organizing necessary, mass resistance to resurgent fascism in this country. It can also provide a basis for what we need to do in opposition to all this: bring forward fresh, new ideas for the task ahead. We can dare to build a whole new world—an alternative that brings forth human potential instead of stifling it in endless war and ruthless exploitation. This criminal system has long worn out its place on the world stage—and will be deservedly consigned to the dustbin of history

-– From a reader and University of California, Berkeley staff member (non faculty)

From Watts: “You Should Give Too!”

“I want to do something positive with my time and my life.  I can help change the world.  I’m going to read the Revolution newspaper, watch positive movies and write down some things that can help change the world.  I’m going to get a lot of boys and girls together to help the revolution.  Many of them don’t know how this system makes us slaves.  They don’t know that we all should be fighting for each other, all races of people.

Most people in the projects don’t have the freedom to get together and discuss all these things going on in the world.  They are being beat down and arrested by the police, locked up in jail.  People in other countries have to pay to go to school.  They don’t have free time, some people like immigrants don’t have family members because they get snatched from them.  It shouldn’t be this way, and it doesn’t have to be this way, a better world is possible.

The Revolution newspaper and Bob Avakian helps me to understand this.  We should get together and protest, we should get Bush out of the White House.  We should come together and raise donations for the Revolution newspaper.  I want to get kids together after school and walk around and get donations.  The paper needs to be out here big.  The pictures in the paper should be in frames in restaurants.  I’m giving $10 to the Revolution. You should give too!“

From a 14-year-old in Watts

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