Revolution#107, November 4, 2007


“I never expected to see a communist newspaper in this country.”

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I never expected to see a communist newspaper in this country. Then I found Revolution.

To know that there’s more people doing something to change all this, all the things I’ve wanted to see changed, makes me feel like it’s more possible than I felt before.

I always think that we can change reality by doing something and not believing something supernatural will do it for us. Like the religious people tell you that you can’t change anything. All you can do is pray and wait for the next life.

I want to see an end to all the injustice, an end to the stupidity of human beings wasting our planet, an end to human beings abusing other human beings.

In this country we have enough food and live comfortably and we can close our eyes to the suffering and misery of the rest of the world. We say in Mexico Ojos que no ven corazón que no siente. [“Eyes that can't see, heart that won't feel.”—Eds.]

People who live here, even myself being so far from my country, can also close our eyes but we still suffer the consequences of what Tony Soprano does around the world.  I’m the one whose television Tony Soprano stole. Now I have to wash his floors to buy a new one.

I grew up in a religious family and I always kept asking questions but was never satisfied with the answers. What I want is for people to question what’s real and what’s possible. Reading Revolution I find out that changing reality is more possible than I thought. The religious people were lying to me. Now that I know more about communism, I can see more clearly what is capitalism and the capitalists are responsible for all the lies I’ve been told. They profit from the ignorance of the people who give up and accept all of this. It makes me mad.

I won’t give up.

I want to fight back.

Mexicano Comrade in Brooklyn

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