Revolution#114, December 30, 2007

January 11: Shut Down Guantánamo!

Six years ago, on January 11, 2002, the U.S. opened its torture camp at Guantánamo. Amnesty International, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, World Can’t Wait, and others are calling for an International Day of Action to Shut Down Guantánamo for Friday, January 11, 2008. There will be a protest at the White House followed by a “Guantánamo Prisoner Procession” to the Supreme Court. Solidarity protests are being called for cities around the U.S. and internationally. The ACLU is distributing orange armbands for the day saying “close down Guantánamo.” The call for the Day of Action says: “Wherever you are on January 11, we encourage you to wear orange to raise public awareness and strengthen the movement to demand an end to torture and indefinite detention.” Info about the Day of Action is online at

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