Revolution #115, January 13, 2008

This January…TIME TO ACT!

January 11—“Shut Down Guantánamo” Protest

On the day six years ago that the first prisoners began arriving at the U.S. torture camp at Guantánamo, Amnesty International and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture are leading a protest at the White House to demand that Guantánamo be shut down, followed by a Guantánamo Prisoner Procession to the Supreme Court. World Can’t Wait is calling on people to wear and display orange, the color of those tortured and detained, and to distribute orange ribbons, buttons, armbands, etc. and for institutions to display orange “NO TORTURE” banners. The ACLU is distributing orange armbands saying “Close Down Guantánamo.” Protests are planned in cities around the country. For info:

January 31—Mass Civil Disobedience

From the January 31 Call to Action at

Challenge the “Politics of the Possible” with Mass Civil Resistance–Drive OUT the Bush Regime!

…In times such as these, people living in this country must speak up and make their sentiments known, acting independently as THE PEOPLE. Let us not go down in history infamously for standing silent in the face of grave crimes the way the “Good Germans” allowed the Nazis to carry out their atrocities.  In solidarity with those being tortured in our name and as the color of resistance, wear and display orange everywhere, daily.

On January 31, make a splash: Hang orange signs in store windows; drop orange banners with messages resisting the Bush program from overpasses and on school campuses. Create the atmosphere of resistance by spreading orange far and wide.

On Thursday January 31: Stop “business as usual” with non-violent mass civil disobedience outside military recruiting centers, FEMA offices, immigrant detention centers, federal buildings and court houses, creatively speaking up for those who are disappeared and violated, tortured and left without hope.


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