Revolution#117, January 27, 2008

Expansion and Fund Drive

Revolution Must Be Much More Out There”

“At a moment when much of humanity finds itself in a living hell, when the horror of the U.S. occupation of Iraq threatens to escalate into a war against Iran, and when the future of the planet itself is threatened, Revolution newspaper must be out there much more boldly and much more broadly—exposing what is going on, revealing why, and pointing to a revolutionary solution in the interests of the vast majority of humanity.”

from “ Preparation for Revolution!”

Much can be accomplished in the 2 weeks that remain in Revolution’s Expansion and Fund Drive. This is a moment to reconnect with everyone who has received the "Truth...In Preparation for Revolution" broadsheet for donations and finish raising $100 pledges. Now is the time to follow through in getting contributions and subscriptions from groups of friends, family, co-workers and other professionals even if it spills over into the next month. Let's deepen people’s commitment to expand the outreach of Revolution.

In addition to donations to Revolution newspaper, contributions can be made to discrete projects that contribute to this newspaper's reach and quality: the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund which subsidizes subscriptions to Revolution for prisoners, and the Global Center/Woodward Jena Project which funds reporting that Revolution correspondents are doing from Jena, Louisiana on the case of the Jena 6.

Raising these funds makes a real difference. “This newspaper must be a voice that cannot be ignored on any campus—it must reach the scientists, artists, musicians, writers, thinkers and everyone who cares about the fate of humanity.  Imagine the societal impact of a revolutionary movement, with this newspaper at the center, based among those who society has enslaved, cast off or locked up—the proletariat.” One middle class woman saw a picture of the seventeen prisoners holding  one copy of Revolution newspaper and donated to ensure that all of them would receive a subscription.

As “Truth...In Preparation for Revolution” states: “YOU, and people like you, can make all this happen. Raising money is an essential part of the revolution. It’s an important way that the revolutionary movement connects with all kinds of people. And raising and donating money is an important way for people to support the revolution.

“Much is at stake. If people are going to really understand what is going on, and if something good is to be pulled out of the current storms, a greatly expanded Revolution newspaper must be at the heart of that process.”

What You Can Do:

Donate to Revolution Newspaper Fund Drive by Check, Money Order or On-line.

Make checks or money orders payable to “RCP Publications.” Indicate that it is for the Fund Drive. If you want to earmark your gift for a specific project, please note that in the memo line on your check, or in your correspondence. If you want to give in installments, indicate that on your pledge card or correspondence—in what amounts and when you want to give them. If you want to be a sustainer, indicate that. Mail to RCP Publications, PO Box 3486, Merchandise Mart, Chicago IL 60654.

You can donate directly online using your credit card. Go to and click on “Donate to the $500,000 Fund Drive.” You will be able to choose the form of your donation (one-time contribution or sustainer). Donations are NOT tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Also, at this time RCP Publications cannot accept any contributions or gifts from readers who reside outside the borders of the United States. If you have questions, please email to

The following projects are not part of Revolution newspaper/RCP Publications, but their missions contribute to expanding the distribution of, and improving the quality of Revolution.

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