Revolution#120, February 17, 2008

From the Memorial Book for Willie “Mobile” Shaw

On December 3, 2005, people gathered in the Nickerson Gardens Projects in Watts to pay tribute to Comrade Willie “Mobile” Shaw. Mobile had died on November 24. Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, issued a statement on the occasion of Willie Shaw’s death that was featured at the event (the statement can be read at

Speaking at the memorial, Joe Veale from the RCP recounted something Willie Shaw had said about Bob Avakian:

“This system makes people do what they want them to do. In the new society you might only work for four hours and then you do art, science, crafts, or whatever. The masses out here think they are in control of the drugs but the system puts the drugs out here to keep us from thinking and acting in a revolutionary way. People look at the new society like that is unbelievable. But we have the right person to lead us there. There is enough people around the world that if they got a hold of the Chairman and took him up it would be a cold revolution. People need to know that they have a person like the Chairman on their side and they need to stand up for him.”

Revolution recently received a copy of several inscriptions left in the memorial book by those who attended the memorial, and we are sharing some of those messages here:

“I want a whole new world not just for my children but for all the children and all the people all over the world.”

“This society is fucked up. And Bush and them are trying to make it something even worse. Our society after revolution, socialism, is going to be way different than this—way different, but we got to get there first.”

“Bobby Avakian is the leader who can lead us to make revolution. Ain’t nobody else even talking about what he’s talking about. If people really knew what kind of society communism will be—99% would want to make it happen.”

“The more I learn the more I see how we have been cheated and lied to. They didn’t teach us the truth about how the system really works. All this shit that is done to people is not the people’s fault. And the more I learn the more I want to tell everybody.”

“We need more people to get with the Party and the Chairman, we can do some history making things. I believe we can do this.”

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