A Call from the Maoists of Iran

"We'll change henceforth the old tradition, And spurn the dust to win the prize"

Revolutionary Worker #1205, June 29, 2003, posted at rwor.org

We received the following leaflet.

This is a student movement, not an American movement !

Hail to the students who by raising the above slogan drew a clear line of demarcation with the U.S. imperialism!

Hail to those youth in different cities such as Shiraz, Esfahan, Ahwaz, Mashhad.... that are supporting their revolutionary brothers and sisters in Tehran!

Long live the revolutionary memory of the student that was killed by the regime forces in Shiraz!

Despite the attacks by the flock of Hezbollah, the struggle of the masses is still going on. This wave of uprising is not going to subside even though they are burning the students' dorms and knifing the revolutionaries. Students and the masses are continuing to go ahead with their manifestation. The resistance is persistent. This wave is not going to rest. A new revolutionary spirit of struggle is everywhere in the air and the people are becoming more belligerent against the regime forces.

Last night's slogan, "This is a student movement, not an American movement!", was a heavy blow to Rafsanjani and Khamaenai--these two most despicable persons--who are calling the most noble sons and daughters of people as children of Savakese [SAVAK was the hated secret police of the U.S.-backed Shah regime-- Tr.] and the supporters of America.

We should say to these wicked persons: you, the chosen men of God and the U.S., you grabbed power with the help of the imperialists and in the last 24 years have been committing atrocities and brutality against our people; while the Western media chose to shut up, it was you who refurbished SAVAK and used it to suppress our people and are now calling the heroic students the children of SAVAK! Now you are hated and isolated by and among the masses, your consumption date also has expired for your imperialist masters; they no longer see you fit to serve them and they are letting you go down the drain. The people have decided on your fate, they are sending you right into the trash.

The heads of the Islamic Republic know well that their future is murky.

They see in front of their eyes that this movement is radicalizing swiftly and the masses are joining it in a large number. Therefore they are trying to either crush it with force or to control it through a government student organization, "the office of consolidation of unity of the Islamic student associations." This so-called student organization is acting as the broker of the regime among the students; they are trying to control the movement by pushing through a conservative policy of containment and asking the students to stay inside the campus and not to take the struggle into the street fights and not unite with the masses in the streets. They want to scare the revolutionary students [with] the Ansar Hezbollah--the vigilante groups. But the student movement has shown during last few nights that they know where their strength lies and are mastering how to utilize it.

A sharp and vital confrontation between the people and the regime is forming very rapidly. If the movement persists until the 18th of Tir (July 8), many of the regime tricks and deceptions will be spoiled. The persistence of this movement will also interrupt the imperialist plans and machinations against our people.

We are calling to everyone to support this movement and fear nothing. In no time in its history this regime has been weaker.

We call upon the working class to join the movement by encircling the regime forces that have been surrounding the students. This is an important battle. Move the trenches from factories to streets.

We call upon the women to be in the forefront of this rebellion!

We call upon all the oppressed nations--Kurds, Baluchs, Arabs, Azaris, and Turkmans--to support this movement!

We call upon all the folks in countryside to join this struggle!

We call upon all the Iranian diaspora to take the news of this struggle among the revolutionary youth and students, especially in the U.S., and arouse them in solidarity with this student movement!

Forward for a triumphant 18 Tir day!

Fear nothing, Persist!

The blood would not suffocate revolution, but would make it strong!

Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist- Maoist)25 Khordad 1382June 14, 2003

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