An Exchange on the Question of Uprooting National Oppression: Part 3

Revolutionary Worker #1223, December 21, 2003, posted at

As part of the continuing discussion and debate about the Revolutionary Communist Party's Draft Programme, the RW is publishing an exchange between the New Afrikan People's Organization (NAPO) and the Party. In the summer of 2001, NAPO wrote a critique of the Party's analysis of the oppression of Black people (and of other oppressed nationalities) and its approach to uprooting that oppression. The Party replied with a paper entitled "Key Questions on the Liberation of Black People in the U.S." The reply addresses NAPO's specific points but also takes up a range of related questions--so that people can better understand the Party's stand on ending national oppression.

We believe this is an important exchange, both because it involves crucial questions of revolutionary understanding and strategy and because such exchanges, even where disagreements are sharp, can contribute to deeper revolutionary understanding and unity.

In the first two installments that appeared in issues #1221 and #1222, we printed NAPO's critique in its entirety and Parts 1 through 7 of the Party's reply. This week's installment concludes the Party's reply. We are also once again running NAPO's critique. The entire exchange is available online at