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Hooked on the Science of Evolution

Revolutionary Worker #1225, January 18, 2004, posted at

We have received the following correspondence on "The Science of Evolution" by Ardea Skybreak, which appeared in the Revolutionary Worker. The full series is available online at

This is excerpted from a letter sent by a prisoner to the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF):

Fists Up!. I'm thoroughly enjoying and immensely intrigued by Ardea Skybreak's articles on evolution that have been in the RW.

I've never really understood the depth and complexity of the struggle the creationists and their reactionary/conservative agents in the gov. are waging against evolution, despite the fact that the scientific community is unified on the question of evolution vs. biblical creation theory--standing on the side of evolution--and since the basic facts of evolution are scientifically based, something the creationists can't boast of. I was wondering if there was any way I could get all the parts up to 7b because I wasn't able to catch all the parts up to there.

One of the most adverse psychological effects of prison existence has to be the tendency for captives to seek to discover the meaning for their oppression through religion and relying on "faith to get through this ordeal." Since so much of the Christians'/Catholics' doctrine preaches submission and fury by blaming themselves for their "sins" or waiting on some god to reveal the way out of their misery. They wait and wait and eventually end up hopeless, realizing the fact that the state's repressive tool will stop bludgeoning our minds and bodies when either it has to, in accordance with its "laws" or when we've become completely demoralized and denuded of all dignity and resistance.

I believe that by attacking the most basic tenet of the Bible, that "God created man", and proving scientifically that man/woman evolved from the "chemical soup" that was once our earth, without the aid or "intelligent design" of ANY god or other supernatural being, maybe some of these captives can be won to depend on their/our own conscious activism, rather than some god, to achieve real redress and eventually liberation--in the broadest definition of the word. So if I could get those parts I could really study all she's written on evolution and hopefully break it down to these cats in a way they can feel. I appreciate it.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Long live the People's War in Nepal!

Long live the Iraqi resistance to U.S. imperialism!

Free Chairman Gonzalo!

The following letter was sent by an RW distributor.

Comrades of the Revolutionary Worker!

I am a revolutionary high school student in a rather conservative area of Georgia who is writing to the Revolutionary Worker staff and Ardea Skybreak to thank them for their groundbreaking and powerful series, "The Science Of Evolution."

As a person who struggles with most physical and biological concepts within science (I will admit science has never been my best subject!), these articles are very easy to read and understand. And this in turn aids me in my attempts to grasp the deep and complex issues of dialectical materialism and the science of revolution, MLM.

The articles open the door to a vast wealth of information proving the facts about evolution, as well as warn of the threats upon scientific progress by the Christian fascists within the U.S. ruling class.

Information and materials such as this are desperately needed amongst the masses in the U.S., especially here in the "Bible Belt" South, where religious fundamentalism and creationism hit the hardest. Yet despite these troubles, the "Evolution" series has made an impact not only upon me, but a few others as well.

With the help of "The Science of Evolution" by Ardea Skybreak, I have attracted a handful of alienated atheist and scientifically-minded youth to the Revolutionary Worker newspaper, as well as one or two comrades deeply frustrated with their conservative parents. They have told me that the series armed them with knowledge that helped them greatly in struggling with their parents and certain reactionary forces within their lives. Even my agnostic parents, who are FAR from being interested in the usual stuff within the newspaper, found the articles interesting and helpful as well in their own struggles with other relatives.

Thanks to "The Science of Evolution," a number of people in this community have been turned on to the paper, and I have learned what it means when revolutionary communists talk of "information as weaponry." In a community where the school's largest student organization is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This is a significant advance (however tiny)!

In these heavy times, we need a revolutionary and scientific way of viewing the world around us. By combating ignorance, superstition, and the reactionary lies of the U.S. ruling class, we are able to march forward on the path to changing the world.

This is a profound mission, and one that I am inspired to help achieve by "The Science of Evolution," The Draft Programme of the RCP,USA, and the Party's Central Task.

I hope to see more great series like this, and would love to see "Evolution" published in its entirety in book form.

Please keep up the good work with the Revolutionary Worker and thank you once again!

In Solidarity